Thursday, September 02, 2004


Wow!! I woke up this morning to the heater going!! I thought it was turned off until November, but just checked and I have it at 62 degrees. The temperature outside is 45 degrees and a few dark looking clouds out there. I guess Fall is here!! I'll take this weather any day thank you very much!!
I feel for the people in Florida preparing for yet another huge destructive Hurricane heading their way!! It is getting scarey. God's weapon of mass destruction!!

I am so looking forward to tomorrow! I have all next week off with NO PLANS!!! My main plan is to turn off that blasted alarm clock and leave it off !!

I watched the Republican convention last night and was rather shocked at a Democrat voicing his dislike against Kerry. And then Cheney did the same. I will be so glad when the elections are over with!! They did have a few good things to say but my overall feeling of the speaches were hate Kerry, and not what Bush can do for us. Name calling....what a good thing to show our youth, huh? Sheesh!!

Time to drag myself to work!

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