Tuesday, December 23, 2008

White Christmas this year!

Well it looks like we will be having a White Christmas this year!! WhooHoo!! We actually have almost a foot of snow now and it is supposed to rain/snow tonight. Even if it rains, we will have snow on the ground! This might make two White Christmas's in the 59 years I've been here!

I will be off work until January 5th!! RELAX time. YIPPEEEEE!
I pray everyone is safe and warm this Christmas.

Friday, December 19, 2008

"A Baby Changes Everything"

Wow, Have you heard Faith Hill's new Christmas song?
"A Baby Changes Everything"
It gives me goosebumps everytime I listen to it.


Saturday, December 13, 2008

I love Christmas!!

I love Christmas! Everything about it!
When I was a little kid I saw Santa Clause and his sleigh fly across sky. I can't remember how old I was, but we were living in a little house on Libby Road. I must've been in first grade. I don't know if my brother was born yet or not. I think he was a baby. The jingling of sleigh bells woke me up so I ran to the window and looked out and I KNOW I saw santa in his sleigh flying across the sky. (Now I think it was the imagination of a sleepy child wishing it to be true). I'm sure my parents were drunk downstairs and putting the gifts under the tree and daddy jingling the bells and mom giggling. Dad was an overgrown kid at Christmas!
My sister was watching this movie "Prancer" and she called me and said "You have got to see this movie! It is YOU". I saw the movie, and sure enough, it was me! I had the imagination that the little girl in the movie had.
"The Polar Express" is magical too!! The only ones that can hear the bell are "believers" Well I heard the bells!!
I Love to watch all the old Christmas movies with magical messages in them.

In the news lately the Governor has a Nativity scene in the Capitol building in Olympia. Well the Atheists decided they needed to put their message up too, and they did!.

They put up their display and boy, has there been quite the controversy! They have every right to have a display of their beliefs, but don't slam ours! I feel bad for them. I pray for their souls and salvation. I feel bad for people that do not have the comfort of Christ Jesus to rely on. I feel sad that they think that this is it. Nothing more. Don't take me wrong, I do not condemn anyone their beliefs and religion. Let them celebrate what they want to celebrate. Winter Solstice has been celebrated by the Pagans for eons. The Christians have adopted December 25 as their day to celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ, our Saviour.
I hope everyone can enjoy the Holidays as much as I do!! Peace to all.

Saturday, December 06, 2008


Wow, I guess I can safely say that they lost EVERYTHING!
Pretty sad. But thankfully no one was hurt. The mother in her twenties, father same age, boy 4, girl 2, and 2 uncles. There are so many people in this Community reaching out to help. That is what small town living is all about.

Thursday, December 04, 2008


As most of you know, I live in a trailer park in small town USA. I was at work today about 2:00pm and one our maintenance guys came into my office and said we just got a call to a fully involved structure fire in Terry Park! Well before he even finished his sentence I was halfway home! MY CATS!!! As I turned the corner to my park I saw this huge plume of smoke and to my relief noticed it was in row 1. I live in row 3. My house is the bluish one the second from the left. But the one that was smoking was totally gone! I was there when I heard the horn honking in the car in their driveway and the vehicle caught fire too.

I took this picture from row 2. The windows had blown out of the trailer and was totally gutted! I was praying hard that no-one was home.
These guys said it was too close for their comfort! Me too, actually! The last photo was taken from my front deck.
I unlocked my house and went and told the policeman that if anyone needed shelter, that they can go to my house, and there was food in there for anyone that was hungry. I was totally surprised that I had food left when I got home from work!! He must've forgot. I know firemen and cops, and they are ALWAYS hungry!!
I found out later that no-one was hurt and it was a Mexican family with two small kids. I will ask people in my Church for clothing etc. Thank GOD that no one was hurt.
My neighbor across the street sitting in the white truck came rushing home from the Disposal company to check on his cat. HAHAHAHA Our cats were probably disturbed that we woke them up!!