Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sherry & I went to a Christian Women's retreat last weekend and had a great time! The grounds are manicured and at this time of year it was remarkable! Geese were swimming in the lake in the rain. It was actually snowing when we drove in friday night, but it was just a dusting.
There was a big meeting room where us gals gathered to fellowship, so I spent most of my time crocheting and petting "Reggie" the camp cat. He was a real gentle soul. He took to me right away and we were pals for the weekend.

I worked Monday & Tuesday and took today off to get things ready to take to Marysville tomorrow. My sister's daughter Donna is having Thanksgiving at her house. It will be interesting, as she has a house about the size of mine which is SMALL. There will be 13 of us there. I am taking deviled eggs which might end up as egg salad if I slam on the brakes! HAHAHA. I am also taking green bean casserole and cranberry relish. I baked a small 10# turkey today so I can have a sandwich tomorrow night NUM!

You all have a safe and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

I am going to take the rest of the night to reflect on all that I am thankful for, which is alot. I am very blessed!
God Bless you all.

Monday, November 02, 2009

So how was your Monday?

I had to get up an hour earlier than normal today because I had to speak in front of over 60 people applying for work. We have a two hour video test and I introduce the staff and talk about the position that is open and try to give some encouraging words to some very nervous people. It is very humbling seeing so many hopeful employees needing a job.
So here I am trying to look and act the professional person I am supposed to be, and after the test I was going to the dry cleaners, and when I opened the door I looked down and saw that I had two different shoes on! Not only were they different colors, but they were BOTH LEFT FEET!! The shoes did feel a bit weird but I just ignored it as I was dashing about getting things set up. The bad part of this is there were three others with me and THEY didn't even notice!!
I just wonder how many of the people being tested noticed!!
Egads! Ya dress me up but can't take me nowhere! And I am only 60!!!