Sunday, October 10, 2010

35 Pounds!

Ok, my happy dance is slowing down, now we are to the waltz. It is going slower, but I am still losing. I hit the 35 pound mark now. I have quite a few more to go so it is going to slow down for a few weeks I'm sure. I want to get to the gym more. I started last week and boy did it HURT! My leg isn't quite ready for the treadmill yet but I am easing into it. 5 minutes here and 10 minutes there. The weights are the ones I really want to get going on. Build up muscle in my back and shoulders. I have Fibromyalgia so the pain seems to last longer than normal but I am getting there. The pool was great but I have a reaction to the chemicals in it. My sister thinks it is all in my head but she doesn't have to live with the ugly itchy burning rash on her face in the public eye at work either! Life is full of challenges, but I like a good challenge once in a while. I am having fun finding the foods I can eat. It is all about taste and not feeling hungry.
I love the apples this time of year. Honey Crisp right off the farm! crispy, sweet and juicy! With a chunk of extra sharp cheese. That is a meal in itself. Alot of salmon and chicken cooked in various ways. Thursday will be crockpot chicken soup before the Bible study. 8 of us gals meet every Thursday so I decided to have crockpot soup every week, as we all work and have no time to cook before the meeting.
Time to get ready for bed and another week of work!