Thursday, May 31, 2007

Parade Photo's

The person that was going to drive the bus in the parade was on vacation so I had to do it at the last minute. I was pouting, then after I got in the drivers seat and started waving at everyone I had a blast!
That is me in the drivers seat pouting. hehehe
This is a group of kids trying to catch up to the rest of the group. I think they were going too fast, don't ya think?
I finally got in the spot behind the airporter bus. When the parade got slowed down I showed off by lowering the bus to street level then raising it back up. The kids loved it!! They all yelled "make it bounce". The bus can't bounce, but it lowers so people can step into it easier.
We got to front street and that is where most of the people were. that guy in the blue jacket picking his nose? hehehehe
The red building is the "world famous Toby's Tavern" Can't you tell by the people sitting in the truck?
All in all, it was a great parade, and I had a ball doing it.
Alot of people said the bus was the best part. I had the best seat, and taking their picture while I was driving was fun!!
So what did you do on Memorial Day?

The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Memorial Day Sunday

I was rather depressed the past week and got myself in an isolated funk. I came home from work Friday at 5:39 and missed aquarobics. I didn't go to my AA meeting which I really should have, but I just wanted to close the world out totally. I had a headache and my back and legs and neck were killing me. I had to go back to work at 7:00 and decorate a bus for the parade Saturday, then I got up and drove in the parade. After awhile I was actually laughing and enjoying myself! Then I got mad at myself for allowing myself to get in that funk!

Our pets are angels sent down from Heaven. I truly believe that. I came home from the store and threw the paper bag on the floor.
IT didn't take but a minute for Elliott to discover the new play thing.
He came up to it and sniffed then turned and made an attack dive and scooted into the bag!
Yep, it makes me smile watching that cat. He is such a tomcat and is so cute being himself.

I went to Church today and heard exactly what I needed to hear. We welcomed our new pastor Todd King and his wife Karryn. They are both in their mid 30's and have great personalities! I feel like I have known them all my life.
The Church has kept the congregation all these months after Pastor Terry left in January. We are a close group of people and we feel like family. Next week we will have a potluck after Church to welcome them. I was told I will bring "Miss Maude's baked spaghetti casserole"! It is always a hit at potlucks.
Well now that I am off my "pity pot", I must get moving and get something done in this pigsty of a house!

After a certain age, if you don't wake up aching in every joint,
you are probably dead.

OH! P.S. Be sure and hop over to Esther's place and wish her a happy birthday on Monday!!

My blog is worth $12,419.88.
How much is your blog worth?

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Well thank goodness that week is gone!! It was something every day. Monday I went to the pool and did the aerobics then went to the hot tub. Tuesday morning I woke up with the horrendous burning rash again!! I had an AHA is the hot tub!! It has alot of extra chemicals in it, and is much hotter than the pool. So I did not go on Friday to be sure the rash is all cleared up, then I will go just to the pool tomorrow and see what happens. SHEESH!
I was driving home and noticed how beautiful this field is, so I just had to take this photo! I believe it is cabbage seed.
I heard about a barn that burned down a mile from my house on Thursday so I drove by to see. There was a beautiful kodak moment! Chief Biller at the nozzle!! Better yet, Chief Biller at the nozzle, not wearing his helmet or bunker gear, facing the wrong way with a sissy spray coming from the hose!! HAHAHAHA No wonder they lost the barn!! HAHAHAHA
Yes, I emailed the photos to the fire hall!! hehehehe
It has been rather stressful, and nothing better to relieve stress than a soak in a tub of hot water. I turned on the faucet to fill my jetta tub Wednesday night and then went to give the cats their treats. I went to get in the tub and BRRRRRR!! I ran out of hot water!! WHAAAA??? It is a brand new hot water heater bought January 22!! That is when I posted the crying baby! Other things happened but it is over now and life is good.
Our new Pastor starts next Sunday, and we are all excited. He is a young man (30's) married with 2 young boys.
Two guys from Church came over today to look at my hot water heater and said one element is not working, so I will get a new element and they will install it for me.
It is great to have friends like that.
Well I am all excited to start my new week.
I am.
Really I am!!

A good time to keep your mouth shut is when you're in deep water.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I have had one of those weeks!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I got this email today and thought I'd share it.
Somehow I thought of Brenda when I read this. I don't know why!! HAHAHAHA
I don't know where it originated, but it is hilarious!

"So, we had this great 10 year old cat named Jack who just recently died.
Jack was a great cat and the kids would carry him around and sit on him and
nothing ever bothered him. He used to hang out and nap all day long on this
mat in our bathroom.

Well we have 3 kids and at the time of this story they were 4 years old,
3 years old and 1 year old. The middle one is Eli. Eli really loves
chapstick. LOVES it. He kept asking to use my chapstick and then losing
it. So finally one day I showed him where in the bathroom I keep my
chapstick and how he could use it whenever he wanted to but he needed to put
it right back in the drawer when he was done.

Last year on Mother's Day, we were having the typical rush around and
try to get ready for Church with everyone crying and carrying on. My two
boys are fighting over the toy in the cereal box. I am trying to nurse my
little one at the same time I am putting on my make-up. Everything is a
mess and everyone has long forgotten that this is a wonderful day to honor
me and the amazing job that is motherhood.

We finally have the older one and and the baby loaded in the car and I
am looking for Eli. I have searched everywhere and I finally round the
corner to go into the bathroom. And there was Eli. He was applying my
chapstick very carefully to Jack's . . . rear end. Eli looked right into my
eyes and said "chapped." Now if you have a cat, you know that he is
right--their little butts do look pretty chapped. And, frankly, Jack didn't
seem to mind.

And the only question to really ask at that point was whether it was
the FIRST time Eli had done that to the cat's behind or the hundredth.
And THAT is my favorite Mother's Day moment ever because it reminds us
that no matter how hard we try to civilize these glorious little creatures,
there will always be that day when you realize they've been using your
chapstick on the cat's butt."

I've reached the age where the happy hour is a nap.

Sunday, May 06, 2007


This picture of Elliott was taken two weeks ago. He was playing his macho cat routine then he started growling. I looked over at him and he was trying to turn around on the fence and was growling. I reached out and touched him and he was shaking. HE WAS AFRAID OF THE HEIGHTH!!!
What a pussy!! I helped him down then he was fine.

Today was a do-nothing-type of day. I went to Church and came home and took a four hour nap, now I am ready to do the same for tonight!
It was foggy and drizzly and cool all day so it didn't matter that I slept it away. I was up late last night passing a kidney stone. (swell). I'm better today.
Hope y'all have a great week!!

Sometimes, we just need to remember what the rules of life really are:
In life, you only need two tools - WD-40 and Duct Tape.
If it doesn't move but should, use the WD-40.
If it should not move and does, use the duct tape.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


As I was driving down the main road in Leavenworth I noticed three goats by the fence.
Of course I had to make a U-turn and go back to get their pictures!
They are so cute. I sure wish I had their balance, however I fall just stepping down from a curb!I had a great time there and learned alot from the conference. I won't get into the meat of things, but the conference was for Paratransit issues and answers. I learned alot.
Of course I had to call home and leave a message for my kitties. They appreciated that I'm sure. Actually I'm sure the neighbors appreciated it if they heard it!
I worked all day today and went to my prayer meeting then to the bible study. I am pooped, so will hit the hay early tonight!

If you have a bad cough, take a large dose of laxatives.
Then you will be afraid to cough.