Tuesday, November 28, 2006

November Snow!

We got snow yesterday!! It snowed Sunday a bit, but Monday morning it started again!! I was out at 5:00am checking the roads before the busses got out in it. About 7:00am it was a whiteout in places! It snowed alot during the day, so we cancelled some routes and I shuttled a few people to places where the busses couldn't go. We finally got all the busses in, and finished out the night with vans that had studded snow tires on them. I was sitting in my office at work and I heard a big crackle sound, then a big bang. It was a huge branch falling off the tree in the yard. There were alot of trees down on the south end of the island and people were without power. As you can see in the photo below there are alot of trees heavy with snow and ice that are leaning on wires, so I am ready for the power to go out at any time.
My office building with old growth trees hanging over the roof. One big branch fell on the roof and scared us all.
here are more photos of the area around where I live. All taken within two miles from my house.
Mount Baker in all her glory in the background of Ebey's Prairie.
Snow on Ebey's Beach. A rare sight indeed!
Ebey's Landing. Well I must prepare for the day ahead tomorrow. We might end up with yet another day of snow tomorrow night or Thursday!!
Oh, and it is 18 degrees at my house right now at 5pm!! BRRRRRRRRR

"My Mom said she learned how to swim when someone took her out in the lake and threw her off the boat. I said,
'Mom, they weren't trying to teach you how to swim!' "~ Paula Poundstone

Sunday, November 26, 2006


It started snowing about 10:00am and started sticking about 3:00om. We have about 3" now, but it slowed down, so that is about all we'll get. We'll see.

Elliott went out then turned around and came right back in!! He doesn't quite know what to think about this stuff. It is COLD on the kitty paws!!

Advice for the day: If you have a lot of tension and
get a headache, do what it says on the aspirin bottle:
"Take two aspirin and keep away from children."
~ Author Unknown

Saturday, November 25, 2006

I was on my way to the movies (Happy Feet) today and had the feeling I needed to go see Hannah instead. I saw her Wednesday afternoon and she was not in a good way at all. She was sleeping and would not wake up. Her son was here so I called him, and he said he knew she was not doing well at all. He said he was leaving to go back home (Australia) on Thursday. I have no respect for the man so I stayed away until he was gone. I found out he missed his flight so he came back here, then left this morning. Any way, I went into Hannah's room and she was comatose. I held her hand and it was cool to the touch. I saw a nurse and she told me Hannah was dying. His mother is on her deathbed, and he leaves!!
I brought her a single red rose and placed it in her hand with a note telling her what a great friend she has been to me.
I wrote her that Jesus is with her holding her hand.
I told her it was okay to go.
I told her I loved her.
I sat there and held her hand for three hours. I left to get some coffee and came back and sat down and grabbed her hand and she took her last breath. Hannah Flack Spaeth left this world at 6:35pm on this day November 24, 2006. She was born on October 13, 1915.
She was 91 years old.
I adored that woman.
She had class.
She would have been sober 34 years March 3, 2007.
She had alot of wild stories she would tell me, and told them with such dignity!
I feel honored that she asked me to be her AA sponsor about 5 years ago.
Really honored.

I love this photo! It was taken July 2005. We were at the raisin ranch July picnic, and all the raisins were wearing cheap straw hats to keep the sun off them so I brought this classy red hat for her to wear.
I had my camera with me so I snapped this photo of me holding her hand with the rose in it. It just says I love you Hannah, and I am here with you.
I had no idea she was going to die in an hour. Sometimes people hang on for days. What an honor to be there with her when she took her last breath of life after 91 years of breathing.
She survived the 1918 flu epidemic that took her sister's life. She always felt guilty for surviving.
She survived her first husband.
She survived her second husband that kept telling her to exercise and diet, or she was going to die young. hehehe
I was hoping she'd survive her evil son that kept telling her she was fat and needed to lose weight or she would die! the prick.

I'm going to miss you, Hannah!

We've had alot of good times in the 19 years I've known you!
Alot of good times.
I'll miss your scream of delight whenever I'd walk into your room at the nursing home carrying a mocha milkshake!
Every time I'll see a lemon meringue pie, I'll think of you. Gads, how she loved that pie!

Good bye, Hannah

I'll see you on the other side!


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Another day in the life....

Ah such a boring life I live! I was out training new drivers today and it was quite stormy!! This picture does not do it justice. In fact the water was much choppier than this picture taken last year. We were driving in 55 mph winds, and then it started pouring sideways. I love training on days like this because it gives them a good feel of the 35' bus!
On the other side of the road was this Eagle. I made the trainee stop so I could lean out the bus and take this photo.
Bus drivers in New York City have no idea what they are missing, do they? Yes, I am feeling MUCH much better today.
Have a wonderful Wednesday everybody!!

If a bra is an upper topper titty flopper stopper,
and a jock strap is a lower decker pecker checker,
and a roll of toilet tissue is a super duper pooper scooper,
what do you call a Japanese drummer boy whose father has diarrhea?
A slap happy Jappy with a crap happy pappy!!

I sure hope I didn't offend anyone with this. I got it in an email and thought it was cute.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

PlayStation 3

PlayStation 3 Launches In North America
by Jordan LeDoux

Sony's PlayStation 3 video game console and entertainment center has launched today in North America. Amid reports of shortages and disturbances among some of the retail locations, virtually all of the retail locations where the PS3 was available have reported requests exceeding stock.

Many locations had patrons outside their store for 24 hours or more, waiting in line for the chance to be first with their system and games. Gamers who took home a PlayStation 3 today have reported that there have been no issues with Sony's online service, many rushing to reserve the screen name which they wanted before someone else was able to take it.

What has this country come to?? This is an all time low! I am so embarrassed and ashamed of us. Fully grown men and women camping out in the cold for days to get the opportunity to buy a new play station! What are they going for? $600.00? Then they turn around and sell it on EBAY for thousands!! WHAT?? GREED..GREED..GREED!!!
Some have been followed and robbed after buying one. Some have had fist fights. I just don't get it! I have never played any of those games. I only play spider or free cell on my computer! I guess I am glad I don't have kids. But then these are the grown ups that are acting like this!!! SHAME ON THEM!!
I am so disgusted, can you tell?

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Whew!! We made it!!
I woke up at 2:45 this morning with gale force winds then the power went out! I got up and my head was spinning, so I lay back down then realized that the head/chest cold I have been avoiding caught up with me!! I Decided to call work and tell them I was sick, then I went to the living room and sat in my recliner all bundled up in my goosedown throw and a beautiful new afghan that my sister made for me, one cat on my lap and one cat on my chest, a cup of theraflu and my crocheting. That is what I did all day in between naps. I am prepared for days like this. I have a one burner propane stove that I heated up water, then perked a pot of coffee in my stainless steel coffee pot, then heated up some homemade chicken soup and made a grilled cheese. Ahhhh. A few friends and my sis actually called me to see if I was ok and asked if they could get me anything. hehehehe When I tried to use the little burner, it wouldn't give out much heat, but then I remembered a guy at my campground telling me they get clogged up with the propane after sitting for awhile, so I took it apart and washed it in hot soapy water, and it works like new now!!
A neighbor came over and I went to the bathroom and she yelled DON'T FLUSH!! Save the water for when you need it!! I said WHAT??? She said the power is out and so is the well pump. I then told her we were on city water here. The look on her face was priceless. I'm sure as soon as she got home she flushed, then took a hot shower!!
Well time to get some more rest. I do have to work tomorrow sick or not!!
I hear we are getting another big storm this weekend. Thanksgiving is usually when we get the big storms.....hmmmm, I wonder...!

Do the Alphabet song and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star have the same tune?
I bet you just hummed the two songs above! (I did)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Cold, Windy & Wet

So what else is new? I have absolutely nothing new to blog about. I wake up tired, crawl to work, work 8 hours, crawl home, crawl into bed at 9, and wake up tired, crawl to work, work 8 hours, crawl home, crawl into bed at 9, etc, etc. Except today I woke up with a sore throught and my ears ringing. I have been exhausted for two weeks, and now the cold is breaking out. I'm glad to finally get something. I was wondering why I was so danged tired. My sister would say it is because I NEVER STAY HOME!!!! PHFFFFFTTT!
We are getting prepared for another big storm coming in. With all the new snow in the mountains and this new WET storm, I sure hope it stays cold up in the mountains, if it rains, there will be more flooding, and that would be disasterous!! We are safe here, but I feel bad for the folks that are being flooded out.
Hope everyone has a great week!! Hop over to Leslie and wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Why do people pay to go up tall buildings and then put money in binoculars
to look at things on the ground?

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Flood '06

I went to Mount Vernon today for a meeting with the transportation folks, and was one of the last vehicles allowed to cross the bridge before they closed it. There is flooding all over the State from the record rains that fell and is still falling.
I took a few photos as I was driving over, as they would not let us stop on the bridge of course.
You can't see much, but the water you see is on the West side of the bridge where a park is under water. The water was about a foot from the concrete that is the parking area for downtown Mount Vernon. There were plenty of sandbags piled everywhere, in the business doorways, and by the concrete.

I don't know if it will flood or not, but it sure is close to hurting some businesses! I was at a meeting tonight and saw some lightning and heard some thunder. My sis says it hailed. (she knows, 'cause she slipped in it. Fell down, went boom)!

Why is "bra" singular and "panties" plural?

Monday, November 06, 2006

Warm Beach

Well POOP! I just posted with three pictures, then went to add a picture and somehow I deleted ALL of it!
I said I had a great time at the retreat and was filled with the Holy Spirit, and we made some crosses made out of three welded together nails with 33" of wire with 12 barbs to wrap around the nails. They are great, and we got to keep them. I have mine hanging on my door.
This is Sherry, my sister-in-law holding up her cross.
We got home at 2:30 Sunday exhausted, and I took a long nap, woke up and went back to bed.
I went to work today and came home at 1:00 and took another long nap. I am pooped!!
I am going to take my bath and go back to bed!!
We are having some flooding here due to heavy rains, and high tides. Now I am thankful I do not have a house on the beach or by a river.
Snoqualmie Falls up by the mountains is roaring away right now!
I'd love to go there to hear the roar of the Falls, but I'm sure I couldn't get near them with the mass of people heading that way!
My sister is probably posting about the Falls too.
I am Sooooo glad tomorrow is finally getting here! I am SICK AND TIRED OF THE CRAPPY ELECTION ADS!! It keeps me from turning on the television!! Gee, what will 2008 bring with the Presidential elections!!???
Where is Wanda?

Good night folks!!

Why do they call it an asteroid when it's outside the hemisphere but call it
a hemorrhoid when it's in your behind?

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Yippee, I'm going away!!

Yep, I'm going away for the weekend.
I have a women's retreat at Warm Beach Friday night, all day Saturday and leave at 1:00 Sunday. Fun will be had by all!!
I am ready for some spiritual time with my Christian sisters after Halloween and that "ghostly" picture! I still have no idea what was in that picture! It wasn't my breath, or all the other pictures would have it, and you'd see the breath in all the kids. Nope, no breath or smoke or fog or double exposure.
Oh well, something for the kids to talk about and thrill about in the years ahead. Hehehe a legend in the making here. I made some copies for the kids. I also gave one to Lorena, the woman in the picture. She looked at it and thought YIKES!!
Have a great weekend everyone!!

If a deaf person has to go to court, is it still called a hearing?