Saturday, April 28, 2007

Heading to the Mountains!

Tomorrow after Church I am heading to the Mountains again. Every year there is a Conference for Paratransit providers for the State of Washington, and this seems to be the central part to meet. Oh heck!
I love the drive especially at this time of year. We spend most of the times indoors but the evening we go out to eat and see the town before it closes up at 6:00pm.
We stay at the Icicle Inn, which has an indoor pool. I'll miss the Monday night water aerobics at home, so maybe I'll get one going at the Inn. We'll see.

I hope everyone has a quiet week.

Money will buy a fine dog, but only kindness will make him wag his tail.

Monday, April 23, 2007


What I love about this Island is that we can still go clamdigging and smelting. When I was a teen here we could just go to the beach, dig the clams or rake in the smelt and cook them right on the beach with a bonfire going. Well you need a permit now and no way can you have a beach fire! They are the worst to put out. I was in the Fire Department here and at least twice a year we would get a call to extinguish a beach fire. It isn't that easy. There is alot of dry driftwood on the beaches, and under the rocks. So we need a penetrator to get down under the rocks.
I wonder how we all got away with it in the 60's? Hmmmm.

Do you realize that in about 40 years, we'll have thousands of OLD
LADIES running around with tattoos?
And RAP music will be the Golden Oldies!)

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Oh my gosh, it got up to 70 degrees today! It felt so good to sit outside and soak in the rays. I even let Elliott and Punkin outside to explore.
I looked over and noticed Elliott in his usual sprawl on one of the chairs. What a character!
My friend Debbie came over to pull the weeds by my fence for me 'cause I can't get on my knees, and she is just a kind person!
The sounds of kids playing and giggling outside, and their parents working in their yards was intoxicating. In fact Debbie and I were drinking rootbeers in dark bottles and giggling pretending it was beer!
Now to go pluck those eyebrows & chin whiskers while the sun is still out. (better lighting). Ah it is great getting old, I don't really give a hoot any more.
I feel better than I have in ages!! YAHOO!!!

If you don't have a sense of humor, you probably don't have any sense at all.

P.S. My very good Italian Pastor friend Tom brought over this homemade lasagna because he knew I was sick and needed some tender loving care!!

I am so rich with friends and family.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Enough already!!!

Sheesh, enough already!
I got sick Wednesday night again and stayed home from work Thursday & Friday!
If I didn't know better I'd swear I was being poisoned. I get this burning rash on my face, then my muscles and joints hurt like heck, then I get diarrhea and vomitting for two days along with a slight fever. This happened December 5 or so and about a week ago too. It feels like I am toxic inside and my body tries to get rid of the toxins. I feel guilty whe I stay home sick. I have about 8 more years to work before I can retire and I get scared that I might get too sick to work. Then what will happen? I don't even want to think about it. In fact I am not supposed to think about it.
I place my life in God's hands.
His will be done.
I have Faith that all will be well.

So I get a phone call today and I answer it:
"Hello, this is Joan from the Island County Health Department, Is this Phyllis Brett"?
"Yes it is"
"I am calling to ask you a personal question".
"well we were wondering if you have worms in your stool"?
WHAAAAAT???? How in the heck did they know about me being sick? OH MY GOSH, could I possibly have worms??? EEEEYYYYUUUUU! Do others have this? YIKES, how in the world....?
"Wait a this Merrily"?
"giggle how did you know"? My nurse friend that knows I was sick decided to pay me back for some of my practical jokes, well it worked for minute there!! HAHAHAHA
No folks, I do not have worms!! (I don't think) (EEEEYYYYUUUUU)

I'm better today, but still weak. I hear of other's that are much, much sicker than I am and feel bad for being on my pity-pot!
Okay, enough of that blather!!
Have a great Sunday!!

The nicest thing about the future is that it always starts tomorrow.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sneezing Panda

My little Mexican boyfriends Chris and Brian came over and showed me this cute youtube video. The funniest part was watching two 13 year old boys giggling like little girls!!

If you want the rainbow, you got to put up with the rain.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Sleepy Time

Today was just one of those days!

I had today off to make up for time I worked the last few weeks, so I did just what my cats did! I got up at 9:30, did the morning stuff, got dressed (NO BRA) and stayed home all day. I had plans to go into Oak Harbor and do some shopping and go to water aerobics, but those plans went away. I just vegged all day. I didn't even check the mail. Now I am going to take my shower and go to bed to read!!
Everyone needs a day like this once in awhile!! I know I sure did.

A conscience is what hurts when all your other parts feel so good.
A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Good grief, it is Thursday night already!!
I have had another busy week.
Monday (as my sister told on her blog) I went to the pool for water aerobics and on the way to the car I stepped down from the deep curb and my knee went out on me and I lost my balance, and KA-BOOM!! I hopped a bit then fell flat on my face in the parking lot. Luckily I was holding the big towel in front of me which saved my face, but I still hit hard. It seemed like I was going in slow motion, I had time to think (well, my right knee is bad so I don't want to fall on that, so I twisted a bit to land on my left side, NO!! left hip is bad so I tried to put my hands out..NO!!...last time I did that I hurt my shoulders, arms and neck...)so I just went limp and hit the pavement yelling NOOOO!!! I was stunned for a minute and my sis and my friend came over asking if I was ok. My pride was hurt more than anything. I said I was ok, just let me sit for a minute. Then two guys came running over and asked if I was ok. I said yes, then they asked to help me up. That was a good idea because I had no idea how I was going to get up! They got me up and then one of the guys started praying right away for God to reach down and heal my knees and keep me from hurting! I thought that was so sweet of him and I prayed along with him. The people in my Church does that but I have never seen anyone else do that in public like that. I feel like I am protected by angels. I could have hurt myself really bad the way I fell, but I am only bruised a bit and my left upper arm tendons hurt but I am just fine. The chiropractor adjusted me Wedenesday and again tomorrow. I will go to aerobics again tomorrow night.
Tonight I had a meeting in Oak Harbor with developmentally disabled people from 14-21. We help them get in the public and learn how to ride the buses to and from work giving them the freedom to live their lives in the community. I love that part of my job. It is so rewarding talking with these people knowing that they really feel like part of the community! They have their independance!
Tomorrow after work is chiropractor, AA meeting, then rush home and make a big Greek salad for Sat night.
Saturday morning I have to be at Deception Pass State Park telling people about our buses and how they help the environment by keeping cars off the road. (Earth Day). Then after that I run home and get my salad and run to a potluck for our new Pastor-to-be-maybe. He is coming here from Colorado to meet us and see if he will pass our test. The leaders of the Church (can you imagine ME a leader of the Church????!!!) Well I guess I am, 'cause I am included in the dinner Saturday night. Then Sunday he will give a sermon. We are trying out a few prospects before we hire for good.
I am off Monday because I worked tonight and again this Saturday.
Well I better get to bed! Have a great weekend!!
Please keep Rocky and Ellen in your prayers.
Thank you!!

When you get to your wit's end, you'll find God lives there.

Saturday, April 07, 2007


Today is Easter.
What does Easter mean to you? I mean what does Easter REALLY mean to you?
I know as kids we were brought up with the Easter bunny and candy and new shoes and frilly dresses with bonnets. I never really thought of the true meaning of Easter as a kid. My mom taught us about Jesus and talked about Him, but when she got into her heavy drinking she didn't have the time to spend with us kids, and my poor younger brother suffered the most through her drinking. Don't take me wrong, I loved my mother dearly. And I truly forgive her her drunkeness.
For years and years I spent my life in fear. A day didn't pass without me thinking of death. I don't know when the fear started, but I was neurotic with fear. I had panic attacks when I was in my teens. I'd go to bed at night and lay in fear of falling asleep in case I didn't wake up.
"Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
If I should die before I wake
I pray the Lord my soul to take."
Maybe that prayer gave me the fear of falling asleep. Who knows.
I know one thing, when I finally surrendered to Alcoholica Anonymous, and started working the 12 steps, it was step three that helped me get rid of my fear.
3. Give my will and my life over to the care of God as I understand Him".
That was the first time I had a Spiritual Awakening. I didn't feel the earth quake under my feet or hear the Angels singing, but I realized one morning that I went to bed without fear the night before. I It was also about the time my mom died, and I was feeling empty inside. I truly surrendered to God and gave Him my life. I told God that my life is His now, and His will be done. It's amazing how much easier each day is now just by giving up MY will and accepting things as they come along. I trust in God and trust His will. I found a Church to go to and from there I found a small Bible study that has helped me understand the story of Jesus Christ. The study I go to has a mix of people from different Churches and backgrounds, (Lutheran, Catholic, evangelical, Methodist, etc. We read out of about 6 different Bibles. Mine is called "The Life Recovery Bible" a new living translation from the Tyndale House Publishers. It is a great Bible for FRecovering Alcoholics, and has little footnotes on the 12 steps in each chapter.
They all mean the same. I am in awe of the stories, and understand alot more now. I do not go preaching to others or shun their Faiths, as I don't want to be shunned either, but I am at times. I just pray for that person and feel so very very grateful I found God when I did. I feel the holy Spirit strongly at times and feel at peace with myself and my life. I am no longer afraid. I celebrate today with a great feeling of hope for eternal life, and have a great appreciation of what Jesus went through to give us eternal salvation and the gift of forgiveness.
Thank you sweet Jesus!
I found this site a few months ago and enjoy the sermons he gives. This is one on Easter.
Enjoy if you'd like, if not, Happy Easter anyway.
Click here

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A Fun Tuesday

Today I had a great day! My favorite neices came over for 6 hours. They are so adorable and FULL OF ENERGY!!
I was teaching May here how to use the nifty knitter and she is busy making a scarf for her mom. Five minutes later she got tired of that and wanted lunch., so I fed them.
Mimi & Tai here are busy playing my drum. As you can see, I am the only one interested in the cartoon I was showing. I think that one was Aristocats. I also showed Happy Feet and another cartoon of Penguins. Then they were hungry again so I fed them. I also gave them sugar free jello with miniature marshmallows in it. They were happy.
May wanted to do her nails so I agreed to let her. She did a great job on hers and her sister's, then wanted to do my toes so I let her. I was watching the cartoon and she asked me what color, and I told her I didn't care. Well I ended up with blue, purple, pink, red & orange!! I'm sure glad I didn't fall asleep, no telling what I would look like!
Their dad came and got them at 5:30. I was tired but a good tired. They are three miracle kids!!

Oh my gosh, look between my big toe and the next that a web growing? Am I getting web feet from all this rain?!?!?!
I went to check my mail and saw a houseboat at the dock.
I found out from my next door neighbor that it was a real house they were moving from Tacoma or somewhere around there up to Victoria!! Why I have no idea, and why they came through the Saratoga Passage instead of the straits is beyond me, but they ended up here because the house was sinking! Now they are looking for a way to transfer it to another barge and get it through Deception Pass (which is treacherous) and up to Victoria. I want to be on the bridge when they bring it through!

Tomorrow I go to Toby's Tavern for lunch with an AA friend. I had my first "legal" drink there on Feb 4th 1970 at midnight. The place hasn't changed at all since then either. Who'da thunk 37 years later I would go there for food and talk about AA.
HAHAHAHA I am having a heck of alot more fun now too!

When in doubt, just take the next small step.