Friday, October 31, 2003

Things I have learned today

#1 If you buy enough candy for 150 kids you will only have 8 Trick-or-treaters!!
#2 You can't save hamburger buns in a food saver!! (unless you want flat pancakes) it sucks all the air out of the bag and the buns making them paper thin!!! HAHAHAHAHA
I got off work early yesterday and my sister Mary Lou and I went over to Burlington to Costco to spend money we don't really have to spend, but then a little retail therapy is good for the soul!
On the way home the sky was purple and orange, so I darted across the freeway to find a good place to take a picture then got stuck on the wrong side of the levee by the river. I stopped the car and ran up onto the levee and took the picture of the sunset shining on the river.
It was cold out, too!! This morning it got down to 29 degrees!!
I am all ready for Halloween. I have my hairpiece on and pulled it out on each side so I look like I have dog ears, then I put on a pair of fake glasses with a dog nose. It look silly but I can take it off quick if I have to be serious at work!! Nothing like looking ridiculous when you have to confront someone!!!HAHAHAHA

Thursday, October 30, 2003

Sunset on the Skagit River in Mt. Vernon:

Well POOP!!!!!
I was up most of the night looking for the Northern lights, and nothing but stars!!!
I tried going to bed at 10:00, but couldn't sleep so kept looking. 3:30 I woke up and went running outside and nothing again. The cold air woke me right up so I couldn't get back to sleep until about 5:00!! You know the magical Christmas Eve when you were a kid, sleeping with one eye open with anticipation of hearing or seeing Santa Clause!! Kid hell, I still wait up looking for him!!! I saw him when I was 6, REALLY!!! I heard the jingle bells and looked out the window and saw him flying across the sky!!! Ask my sister!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Well the storm blew through causing alot of damage and one death. A 91 year old man that stays in the South Whidbey State Park as a camp host was going to the store and a huge tree fell on his car in the Park and killed him. DARN!!, and now we are expecting to see the Northern lights tonight, and freezing weather blowing down from the Frasier River Valley the rest of the week. Oh gosh, I sure wish we'd get some snow!! The sunset picture Mary Lou took last night captured the colors just right!! It was orange and purple!!
I took a picture from my deck but I do not know how to put it on the blog yet, so go to
and look at her sunset picture.
I am going back to work tonight for an hour to evaluate a new trainee driver when he gets off shift. We had a bus wait at the ferry last night because there were about 75 people stranded on the Mukilteo side when they shut down the ferry due to damage to the restaurant next to the dock. They finally got the ferry running around 7:45 and we got everyone home.
(I am the Service Development Manager for the Island Transit).
Everyone in the office says thank you to Mary Lou for the delicious Zucchini bread!!! NUMMM Later, folks.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Well that is odd. I just wrote a bunch about our storm and posted & published it, and it is nowhere to be found!!
Time for bed!!
Well my sister is in the dark!! She lost her power around 3:30 when my lights went out for three minutes. The gust got up to 53 mph so far, more tonight and tomorrow. They are expecting very cold temperatures tonight and tomorrow. Gosh, I hope it snows!!! HA
Well I am going to put my 'puter to bed right now and hunker in. Later, folks!!
Egads, the wind is a blowin!!! Coming out of the Northwest 30 mph so far, and colder!! YAHOO I just love a good storm!!
The lights just went out for a minute, so I am getting my dinner hot now and ready to cuddle in the bed under my down blankie with a good book and my battery lamp for the night!!
Well I better get off the 'puter before I lose everything!!

Monday, October 27, 2003

EGADS, it is dark already!!! only 6:30. I like it though, it gives me time to sit and crochet without feeling guilty about the yard needing my attention. Not that I did anything about the yard in the summertime, but I sat here and felt guilty about it!! Some day it will all be concrete, gravel and brick!!!
It is supposed to get alot colder by Halloween!! I am going to wear a costume to work. Then go to my AA meeting with it. I might take my remote control Fart machine too, and place it under Joe T's chair and let everyone think he is being rude again!!! I will press it when we have our "moment of silence followed by the serenity prayer".
I did that about 5 years ago, and a gal is still mad at me for it!! HAHAHAHA

Actually I have a friend that is 88 years old, and deaf. She is in a wheelchair, and I take her to lunch with about 6 other gals. I am going to place the Fart machine in her purse behind her in the wheelchair and press it every once in awhile. She won't hear it, and everyone will think she is full of gas!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I am a sick person and it doesn't take much to amuse me!!
STRESS RELIEF!!! Let the endorphines roll!!

Sunday, October 26, 2003

Ok, now where do I put a comments section?
Well I tried posting something, but it went off into never never land!!
Hello, well I guess my sister wants me to blog!! I have NO IDEA what this is. I am going outside to spray poison on all my weeds that are taking over the entire yard. I tried the back to nature approach, like vinegar, pulling weeds, (OUCH) etc etc. I am going to kill everything that grows, put gravel and brick in the back yard and make a patio where I can relax on my days off and not get overwhelmed with the jungle that is growing!!
You do not have to post everyday, just when you feel like it. and it does not have to be long. You can even cut and paste funny stuff here if that is all you want to do.
Ok Phyllis, This is where you type what you want, and then you hit Post and publish and Voila, it is on...