Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Well the storm blew through causing alot of damage and one death. A 91 year old man that stays in the South Whidbey State Park as a camp host was going to the store and a huge tree fell on his car in the Park and killed him. DARN!!, and now we are expecting to see the Northern lights tonight, and freezing weather blowing down from the Frasier River Valley the rest of the week. Oh gosh, I sure wish we'd get some snow!! The sunset picture Mary Lou took last night captured the colors just right!! It was orange and purple!!
I took a picture from my deck but I do not know how to put it on the blog yet, so go to
and look at her sunset picture.
I am going back to work tonight for an hour to evaluate a new trainee driver when he gets off shift. We had a bus wait at the ferry last night because there were about 75 people stranded on the Mukilteo side when they shut down the ferry due to damage to the restaurant next to the dock. They finally got the ferry running around 7:45 and we got everyone home.
(I am the Service Development Manager for the Island Transit).
Everyone in the office says thank you to Mary Lou for the delicious Zucchini bread!!! NUMMM Later, folks.