Monday, June 30, 2008

Another day on the Island

On the way to work I stopped for this buck. I love the fuzzy antlers!

On the way home from work I drove down West Beach Road and it was windy so I stopped to watch the waves hit the beach

Ya gotta stop and smell the roses at least once each day. Take time to enjoy your surroundings. I sure do.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Life is Good

Life is good.

I have lived on this Island most of my life and I still have awe inspiring moments while driving by the beaches.

Brenda asked me for close ups of the windows, so here 'tis. The windows slide sideways to open. They are about 45"wide X 51"long.

Y'all have a GREAT weekend!!

Monday, June 23, 2008


Thursday I got the windows put in. I came home from work at 11:00. They said they would be here around 11:00, and they showed up at 11:10! Egads, I opened the door and told them go to work, I trust you, then gave them my phone number at work to call me if they needed me for something. I expected them to be done around 6:00pm. I got a call at 2:30 telling me they were done!!! YIKES, 8 windows in three hours! Only two guys were here.
I inspected them (the windows, not the guys) and they looked great!! I didn't get everything put back until Saturday night, but now my house is CLEAN!! New clean windows, and I polished the floors before I put the furniture back. What a great feeling to get all that done!!

I went to Seattle for a Paratransit meeting Wednesday.

I had to get a picture of the Space Needle!

It is always good to get home from the City!
I'm so glad I'm a country bumpkin!!
The window guys were amazed when they called me at work and I was home in 5 minutes! I told them I hate rush minutes!! Get it? Rush hour....rush minute?
Oh, never mind!!

Have a great week!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I came home from work last night about 4:30. I had a message on my machine from Home Depot telling me my windows are ready and they can install them tomorrow morning!!

(I am having 8 windows replaced because they are all in need of it).

WHAT?? I thought it was going to be about a month!

I called work and they told me to go ahead and take tomorrow off so I can be here. WHEW!! I changed cars and went to my friends house for an AA meeting and got home about 7:30. It was windy so I got Florence (my 92 year old next door neighbor) and we drove out to the beach to watch the waves and the boats rolling on the swells. We drove over to the ferry to see if it was running. They have a borrowed small ferry because the other one broke. Well that was very intertaining watching it try to make it across the Sound to the other side. We were getting sick watching it roll. Egads, no way would I be on that!!

I got home around 9 and started getting my house ready for the big change. I had to get all my curtains down so I washed them. I then had to get my blinds down. It was 2am so I decided to wait until the morning for that. I pulled all the furniture away from the wall and cleaned up all the dust bunnies. My goodness there were alot of them!!

I got up early this morning all achy from the work last night and started pulling down the blinds in all 8 windows.

I sat down all tired and sore and my phone rang.

It was Home Depot.


"Hello, this is Home Depot, I have no idea how the mix up happened but the bottom line is, your windows were not on the shipment today. They won't be in until Thursday".

"What?................You are kidding, right"?

"No ma'am, I feel horrible about this".

"Excuse me you have NO IDEA what I went through to get ready for this".

"I'm really sorry, I feel horrible".

"NOt as horrible as I feel! I am 59 years old, disabled with a horrid back. I pulled all my furniture from the windows and took down all the blinds and curtains, took the day off of work to be here at the last minute because you guys gave me no warning of them coming, and now you tell me never mind"?

"We can put them in on Thursday or Saturday".

"No, I cannot take another day off of work for this and I will not give up a day off for it"!

"I'm really sorry ma'am, my hands are tied".

"I know, it isn't your fault, but my goodness this is bad, really bad! sniff, snort, sob, whaaaaaaaa"!

I started crying then sobbing............So did she.

I told her that They need to do it Thursday. I work two miles away so they can do it on their own and I can sign later. I hung up then proceeded to have a good cry. Well I tried anyway, but I pictured all this in my head then started laughing, then started laughing harder while I was crying. Hmmmm, is that called hysteria? Anyway, I got it all out and now I feel better.

She called me back and told me They will be here Thursday at noon and finish Friday morning.


Oh well, so be it.

I talked with my sis and was laughing saying thank the Lord it wasn't her!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

Here are some "before pictures. Elliott peeking out the bedroom window at me peeking out the spare room window at him.

My living room exposed to the neighborhood for two days. I am NOT putting everything back just to do it all over again. I will sit in the dark.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bunch of nothing

My brother has had a great week and he doesn't have chemo for another week, so that is good!!

Not much to blog about, I keep tremendously busy, but that is what life is for, isn't it?
Monday & Thursday nights I take an AA meeting to a friend who is waiting for a liver transplant, Wednesday night is Bible study, Friday night is my AA meeting, then Saturdays are full of chores and Sunday is Church. Not much time leeft to get in trouble with.

The sun finally came out yesterday and today, and possibly tomorrow too! Yikes,!!
No summer here, floods in the midwest. The world is changing right beofre our eyes.

Have a plan, folks, alway have a plan!!
What would you do if a disaster happened? (have kits in your cars & home).
Who would you call? (Have their phone numbers handy).
Plan on where you would go if you lose your house. (Do you have a bank account you can access by computer)? Do you know your credit card numbers if you lose your purse or wallet?
I have a copy of all my cards (with numbers to call to report stolen) in my office desk in case I lose my purse.
I guess we shouldn't worry too much, but keep a plan in your mind on what to do in case.......!
Big earthquakes are popping up world wide, and we are overdue on the West Coast, so I am as prepared as I can be.

I'm also prepared for GOOD WEATHER if we ever get it!!
My backyard is prepared for barbecues and the freezer is full!!

I pray everyone is safe from the floods and weather! Have a good week!!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Whatcha thinkin?

Me, staring at the wall.
Mike: "Whatcha thinkin?"
Me: "I was thinking I'm wondering if Elliott is sleeping on my pillow right now."
Mike: (giggle)
Me: "What are YOU thinking?"
Mike: pause..."I was wondering what it is going to feel like.........................when I die"
Me: swallowing a huge lump in my throat..."Well I think you will probably be so doped up you won't even know."
Mike: "Oh yeah."
Me: (speaking in a soft whisper) "From what I have read from near death experiences, people have felt themselves being swooped in a tunnell with a brilliant light at the end and when they pass through the light they will see Jesus, and their family that passed before them. They will immediately forget the pain and stress and feel this awesome peace."
Mike: "Yeah?"
Me: "Oh yeah, I truly, truly believe this."
Silence................(tears falling from both of our eyes, me squeezing his hand.)

This was said on Monday night about 2:00am as Mike was laying on the gurney in the ER waiting for the doctor to release him.
He had an immense chemo treatment on Monday morning and went home and puked every hour on the hour until about 9:00pm when Sherry took him in to the ER. They gave him some IV treatment, some antinausea drugs and pain medicine. He was released at 3:00am and I took him home. The next day at 3:00pm Sherry took him back to the ER, and we took turns sitting by his side. I came back from my AA meeting at 9:30 and let Sherry go home, and I asked the nurse if they are going to release him or keep him. They decided to keep him until the next day so we all could get some rest. That was about 12:30am. He was released from the hospital at 3:00 the next afternoon.
This is only the beginning.
Bless his heart, I hate to see him suffer like this. The tumors are beginning to invade his colon and pressing on his stomach. I told Sherry we need to ask the doctor for instructions on what to do at the house in case this happens again.

I drove up to Bellingham yesterday and it was 45 degrees and pouring rain. It is June 6th fergoodnesssakes!! I can hear my tomato plants shivering out in the garden!! But my roses are enjoying the cool and wet weather. The slugs and snails are having parties at night!!
There are tornadoes in the East, heat waves in Texas. Yikes, what is going on?

Whose idea was it to put an 'S' in the word 'Lisp'?