Thursday, March 05, 2009

I'm still around.....

My days are just so busy that I have no time to relax and sit at the computer. After work I go visit with Mike and then come home and sleep. Not every day but most of them.
I was with him Tuesday night and he wanted a cookie. The doctor sat at his bedside and held his hand while I held his other hand and she told him that he cannot have any solid foods at all.
He goes into excrutiating pain and they have nothing else to give him. I asked if he could have morphine and she looked at me and told me he is on a fentenal which is 80% more potent than morphine. Yikes, I had no idea. I thought he was talking funny and was a bit melodramatic, but now I know it is because he is STONED!!
She said his pump was set at 7 when he was admitted to the Hospice, and it is now set at 28. It only goes up to 30! So he is at the top of pain control.
I drove home feeling so bad for him.
I came back last night and gave them a First Aid/CPR class for the staff there and asked the doctor if Mike got any nutrition today. She looked rather sheepish and said "well...he came in the kitchen this morning and wanted pancakes. I hesitated then he said to make some french toast. So I gave him a pieace of french toast".
I said WHAT?! I fretted all night and you gave in and gave him some french toast? Good on ya!! He did have some discomfort after that, but not much, so we will see how it goes.
They let Mike have a party at the house on Friday Feb 13th. Members of the bands he played in all came and jammed with Mike. He was on top of the world!!
Here are some pictures of it.

Enjoy your friends while you have them folks.
Write a gratitude list of anything you can think of. Look'd be surprised how long that list can get!
I am thankful for my brother. Every minute I have with him.