Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I felt it!

I felt an earthquake at 10:03 tonight and called my sister but she didn't feel it.
I called my neighbor but she didn't feel it, but another neighbor did! It was very mild, but I was sitting here and felt a rumble, then a bang. My stomach did a little flip, my knees went weak and my tongue went numb. (probably from fear).
Stay tuned....................................................

P.S. I just hung up on my sister. She was laughing at me about my tongue being numb. I couldn't say a word she was laughing so hard!! click.....bitch.

They just put a news announcement that there was a quake 3 miles north of Port Townsend. (that's right here).
Stay tuned...................................................

Okay, it was 3.0 on the richter scale 5 miles from Coupeville near Port Townsend.
I'm going to bed now. I better bungee cord myself in the bed.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008


My gosh, time is flying by!! It is July 29th!! What happened to June?
My computer at home is getting ready to bite the dust, so I am dropping a quick line from work before I head home!
Thanks for the award Brenda!! In a few days I will catch up with my blogging.
Everyone have a great week!!
We are having October weather right now. The wind is blustery, sprinkling rain and 58 degrees!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Race week

Living on the Island in the Summer is a busy place. Beginning July 3rd in Freeland they have an old fashioned waterfront fireworks display along with old time music and carnival atmosphere. Then July 4th in Oak Harbor about 25 miles North is another old fashioned affair starting out with a big parade, a day of fun and finishing with the fireworks display. This weekend begins Race week. People come from around the world to participate in the race. We usually have good winds for it and mostly sun. Sometimes we have bad weather but that is rare. There have been a time or two that we have had no wind and that makes it bad for sailing. This week is great!
In August we have the Coupeville Arts & Crafts Festival. That is two days of people from around the world selling their art. It started out as handmade things from local residents. I used to have a booth in it with my stained glass items. I quit making them as I have no room in my house for all the equipment. We used to have a local tribe of Indians with a salmon barbecue. I haven't seen that in awhile.
The third week of August is the Island County Fair in Langley. It is a four day event. So there is alot of things to do here on the Island.
Enjoy your weekend!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Benefit for my brother

My brother used to play music in various bands in the area here. His heart is in music. When his old band heard about Mike having cancer, they got together and had a benefit dance for Mike last Saturday. Luckily Mike felt much better and was able to attend his son's wedding on Friday then the benefit on Saturday. He went on stage and played with the band for awhile. Sherry said when he sang "Knocking on Heaven's Door", it got to her and she cried. I had gone home before all that went on. It was too loud for me.
Sherry and my friend Debbie enjoying the music.

The band.
My next door neighbor Florence enjoying watching the long haired "rock star" jumping around on stage. She has alot of fun with me. We go out and act crazy wherever we go.
Y'all have a great weekend!! I sure will!!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Meet Galen & Sumre Brett

Today we went to Monroe to attend the wedding of my brother's son Galen to Sumre.
Galen is the one dressed in his best t-shirt and cammy shorts....Mike my brother is the one sitting in the chair giving wise words to Galen.
This is Sumre, dressed in her black dress sipping (well ok, guzzling) her beer before the wedding.

Mike and his lovely wife Sherry (she is the only sane one in our family).

Meet Brent, the minister that performed the wedding. He dressed in his tuxedo t-shirt that he found under some snow boarding gear in his garage and smells like gas.
Galen is getting ready to put the ring on Sumre's finger.
Sumre is placing her ring on Galen's ankle. (ball & chain).
Hehehehehe..............the key broke when they were trying to get this off his ankle. They were actually trying to cut the thing off with bolt cutters when we left.

Mary Lou and Bob, and her son Tim and her daughter Donna.

Sumre's mom (who cried throughout) Galen, Mike, Sherry and Sumre.
The wedding was great! Have you ever seen Rocky Horror Picture Show? Well they threw water balloons at the couple after they said their vows. I wish I would have known they were doing that, I would have brought a loaf of toast to throw at the bride!!
They had marvelous vegan food at the ceremony as they are vegans. When we left the wedding we couldn't get to the Farmhouse Restaurant fast enough!!
I had a great time!! I think everyone did.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Yeeowza, we just had a HUMONGOUS thunder and lightening storm blow through!!
I got home about 8:00pm and heard distant thunder then saw the dark sky. I then unloaded my car and ran in the house and pulled up all my blinds so I can have a great view of the storm, and boy, did I!!
I was bouncing from the living room to the bedroom watching the strikes hit all around me! It was right over my head and LOUD!! I heard one crack and boom and lightening at the same time then I heard an echo like sound. Whew! That was a good one! I can hear it in the distance now, so I can finish this and take my bath.

Remember, we NEVER ever get storms like this here!! It seems to pass around the Island alot, but this time it was right overhead!!
I don't think I need to go watch the fireworks Friday, I had my own private display here!!
You all have a SAFE fourth!!

I'm going to Monroe for my nephew's wedding on Friday. Galen is my brother's only child. He is 30. Mike really wants to see his grandkids. Maybe the chemo will work and prolong his life. We sure pray for that.
Pictures later. (of the wedding)