Saturday, July 12, 2008

Benefit for my brother

My brother used to play music in various bands in the area here. His heart is in music. When his old band heard about Mike having cancer, they got together and had a benefit dance for Mike last Saturday. Luckily Mike felt much better and was able to attend his son's wedding on Friday then the benefit on Saturday. He went on stage and played with the band for awhile. Sherry said when he sang "Knocking on Heaven's Door", it got to her and she cried. I had gone home before all that went on. It was too loud for me.
Sherry and my friend Debbie enjoying the music.

The band.
My next door neighbor Florence enjoying watching the long haired "rock star" jumping around on stage. She has alot of fun with me. We go out and act crazy wherever we go.
Y'all have a great weekend!! I sure will!!