Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Yeeowza, we just had a HUMONGOUS thunder and lightening storm blow through!!
I got home about 8:00pm and heard distant thunder then saw the dark sky. I then unloaded my car and ran in the house and pulled up all my blinds so I can have a great view of the storm, and boy, did I!!
I was bouncing from the living room to the bedroom watching the strikes hit all around me! It was right over my head and LOUD!! I heard one crack and boom and lightening at the same time then I heard an echo like sound. Whew! That was a good one! I can hear it in the distance now, so I can finish this and take my bath.

Remember, we NEVER ever get storms like this here!! It seems to pass around the Island alot, but this time it was right overhead!!
I don't think I need to go watch the fireworks Friday, I had my own private display here!!
You all have a SAFE fourth!!

I'm going to Monroe for my nephew's wedding on Friday. Galen is my brother's only child. He is 30. Mike really wants to see his grandkids. Maybe the chemo will work and prolong his life. We sure pray for that.
Pictures later. (of the wedding)