Saturday, August 30, 2008

The fight over the box!

I got a new shipment today and left the box on the floor for Elliott to play in. That is his favorite toy. But.....Look who found it first!

HEY!!! That is MY box!!

Finders Keepers!!!

Hehehehehehehe MINE!!

That's not FAIR!!

Who cares?! Ha! It's MINE now!!
Meanwhile, Punkin was napping in bed and ignoring these two fools!
Such is life on Whidbey today.
Enjoy the holiday!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Skywatch Friday

Another beautiful sunset from the Pacific Northwest. Unfortunately it is off my back deck and doesn't have a very exciting background, but the colors of the sky are there.
Have a great Holiday weekend!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

My kitties

Cinderella (I call her Missy or Princess), don't know what will stick, spends most her time on the post my brother made. She loves to watch the world from her perch.
And Elliott makes sure she doesn't go anywhere else! He growls and hisses at her whenever she gets near me.
It sure doesn't seem to phase her one bit! She rolls around on the floor teasing Elliott. Punkin just sits on the chair in the background letting them make fools of themselves.
Elliott makes sure he is right next to me or on my keyboard!! It makes me feel kinda good having a man fight over me again!
Such is life on Whidbey today.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Skywatch Friday

Ooops I almost forgot, it is Skywatch Friday!

This is Ebey's Landing at sunset with a Salmon Fisherman.

I love this Island life. This is a mile and a half from my house.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"Cinderella" is home!

I picked her up around 4:00pm and got her in the car in her carrier then proceeded to drive for 3 and a half hours with her high pitched meows all the way home!
When I brought her in I put the carrier on the floor and Elliott & Punkin come up and sniffed. Punkin turned and left, but Elliott made a fool of himself! He cried and screamed like a little girl!
Cindy found a spot on the perch and Punkin was under the chair, and Elliott was behind Punkin under the chair. The weenie!
Mary Lou came over and I handed her Cindy, and she climbed up around her neck and stayed there!
I stayed home from work today (I am really sick) really! And Cindy stayed right by my side! She was either on my bed next to me or on my chest smothering me! Her purr is deep and she feels right at home. It will take a few weeks for the other two to accept her, but she already knows this is her home and she is not leaving, so there!
Elliott stayed most of the night sitting on top of the covered cat litter box to be sure she didn't go in there and make a mess! I had to make her a small one just for her. I also had to give her food by herself as Elliott does not want her near the food either! That will change!!
She is adorable and quite the lover!!
And VOCAL!! whew!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Donna!

My sister's daughter Donna turned 41 years old today!
I can't believe how time flies. I was 18 years old when she was born, and at my peak of youth, beauty and wild times. I went to the dances at the Enlisted Men's Club on the base three times a week. I took Donna to the cafeteria where my sister worked and everyone thought she was mine! I was (still am) blonde, and so was Donna. Mary Lou has Auburn hair.
It seems a lifetime ago. I got her a birthday card that says the earth stopped 41 years ago and she got on. That about explains Donna. She is unique in every way! I am very proud of her and hope she knows it. I love her like she is my own daughter. She gets raw wool and makes her own yarn then knits things. I crochet small things with store bought yarn. She is a very self sufficient gal and I have no worries about her survival! None whatsoever!
Happy Birthday Donna!!

I saw a huge lightning strike today about 2pm over the mountains. It was bright orange and poerful! I never heard the thunder so I figured it was a long ways away. About 20 minutes later I noticed a heavy plume of white smoke in the mountains where the strike hit. I called 911 and they transfered me to the Jeffereson County office and I told them what I saw and they said about 4 other people saw the same thing and it is a forest fire in the Olympic National Forest caused by the lightning strike I saw.

Stay safe everyone!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Sherry!

51 years ago God smiled down at the earth and presented us with a baby girl they named Sherry. My brother met her and married her in 1976. She is the best thing that has happened to the Brett family. She is my best friend and a wonderful wife for my brother. They had one child (Galen) who got married July 4th this year. My brother is not doing too good today but knowing he has a wife by his side that loves him unconditionally is quite a blessing.

This is Sherry blowing out her candles on the melted cake. My sister bought the cake and put it in the car and stopped at another store and came home. Just in that short time the heat of the day melted the cake!! HAHAHAHA

My sister took this picture of my brother. They left right after. He was tired. They went to the Island County Fair and he was worn out. He is starting to hurt in different places now and that worries me.

We take it one day at a time here. Pray for mercy and comfort for him please. Thanks.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm Home!

Can you believe these were taken within three minutes of each other in the same back yard?
I took the first one then walked over to the edge of my yard looking towards the mountains and took the other one. Too bad I have those nets from the field in them!
This is for skywatch Friday.
It was a hot one today and going to be even hotter tomorrow and Saturday! GOOD!! Maybe my tomatoes will ripen now!
I need to unpack and get ready for bed!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Off to Tacoma!

That is Mount Rainier in the distance. Tacoma is just north of it.

I'm off to Tacoma for a few days on a class for work.

Be back late on Thursday.

Y'all have fun!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Meet Cinderella!!

Well dang! My boss went to Olympia and picked up her new Ragdoll kitten. The woman raising the kittens showed Martha her two other "rescue" cats. a 9 year old and a One 1/2 year old Ragdoll female. Her name is Cinderella. She was born Feb 7, 2007. I called the lady and she said she is mine. I pick her up on the 19th. I am going to a meeting down there and will pick up Cinerella then. Ooooo I can't wait!! Elliott gets a new girlfriend. UH-OH!! Punkin will be royally pissed!!

Isn't she a real sweetie? How long will it be before MaryLou gets her kitten?