Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"Cinderella" is home!

I picked her up around 4:00pm and got her in the car in her carrier then proceeded to drive for 3 and a half hours with her high pitched meows all the way home!
When I brought her in I put the carrier on the floor and Elliott & Punkin come up and sniffed. Punkin turned and left, but Elliott made a fool of himself! He cried and screamed like a little girl!
Cindy found a spot on the perch and Punkin was under the chair, and Elliott was behind Punkin under the chair. The weenie!
Mary Lou came over and I handed her Cindy, and she climbed up around her neck and stayed there!
I stayed home from work today (I am really sick) really! And Cindy stayed right by my side! She was either on my bed next to me or on my chest smothering me! Her purr is deep and she feels right at home. It will take a few weeks for the other two to accept her, but she already knows this is her home and she is not leaving, so there!
Elliott stayed most of the night sitting on top of the covered cat litter box to be sure she didn't go in there and make a mess! I had to make her a small one just for her. I also had to give her food by herself as Elliott does not want her near the food either! That will change!!
She is adorable and quite the lover!!
And VOCAL!! whew!