Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Donna!

My sister's daughter Donna turned 41 years old today!
I can't believe how time flies. I was 18 years old when she was born, and at my peak of youth, beauty and wild times. I went to the dances at the Enlisted Men's Club on the base three times a week. I took Donna to the cafeteria where my sister worked and everyone thought she was mine! I was (still am) blonde, and so was Donna. Mary Lou has Auburn hair.
It seems a lifetime ago. I got her a birthday card that says the earth stopped 41 years ago and she got on. That about explains Donna. She is unique in every way! I am very proud of her and hope she knows it. I love her like she is my own daughter. She gets raw wool and makes her own yarn then knits things. I crochet small things with store bought yarn. She is a very self sufficient gal and I have no worries about her survival! None whatsoever!
Happy Birthday Donna!!

I saw a huge lightning strike today about 2pm over the mountains. It was bright orange and poerful! I never heard the thunder so I figured it was a long ways away. About 20 minutes later I noticed a heavy plume of white smoke in the mountains where the strike hit. I called 911 and they transfered me to the Jeffereson County office and I told them what I saw and they said about 4 other people saw the same thing and it is a forest fire in the Olympic National Forest caused by the lightning strike I saw.

Stay safe everyone!