Sunday, April 30, 2006

To get the NOT get the camper!!

Ok, I slept on it, and thought about it, weighed the pro's and cons:

Get it:
1 Only one can sleep in it, but I can use the car for a spare bedroom.
2 I've been wanting one for a few years.
3 Great for disaster preparedness.
4 I can make the payments now.
5 Cheap to haul.
6 Easy to use.
7 Will make a great spare room for my house.
8 Will get me enthused to go camping more.
9 The camper trailer I now have hurts my back to set up.
10 I will NEVER be homeless.

Don't get it:
1 Only one can camp.
2 I already have a camper trailer.
3 If I make payments now I cannot spend the way I am used to spending.
4 My tent trailer is cheap to haul too.
5 At $11,000 if I use it 7 days a year for 15 years it will cost me $100.00 a night to use, not counting the camp fees.

Okay, I like to spend money, and I have been trying NOT to spend money and get my credit cards all paid for in 4 years. My car will be paid for in three years, and then I'll have that extra $500.00 a month to put towards my credit cards, and I will then be able to put some money into savings for when I retire in 9 years.

But...It sure was fun to dream about for two nights, and if I get the strong feeling to get one later I can go through the same process. Heck, for that money, I might as well go to motels with hot running water and flushing toilets.
I love the smell of camp fires, and the community of people at the camps. But I already have the tent trailer and can use that if I want to go camping.

I feel like I have been put through a trial. I have been praying for the strength to curb my spending, and asking for the will power to stay away from the wrong foods. I battle obsessive compulsive disorders. I don't do anything small. If I do something, I throw myself totally into it! If I was to buy that trailer, I'd go buy the tent that goes onto the side of it, another canopy, a new ice chest although the one I have is perfectly fine all it needs is cleaning up, etc., etc., etc.!

Soooo, I guess I passed that test.

Coincidence is when God chooses to remain anonymous.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Ahhh, Frantic Friday is finally over!
Friday's are the busiest day of the week for me it seems lately.
I went to work at 8:00 and drove to Camano Island, then to Everett to a meeting, then back to Mount Vernon where I passed an R.V. place. (BIG MISTAKE)!!
I saw a Teardrop trailer in the lot. I love those things! I live alone and I don't need much room, so I have been thinking of selling my tent trailer I have. I haven't used it in two years and have decided it is because it really hurts my arthritic body to crank it up and level it out.
Well here is the trailer I have been drooling over for a few years just sitting on the lot yelling out my name, (Phyllis, come look!! Phyllis, come look!!)

Well I pulled into the lot and asked to look at it (OOOPS). The man was really nice and helped me into the trailer. It was really comfortable inside and perfect!

Just perfect! Except the price! $18,500. No thank you. I paid $4,000.00 for the tent trailer, and it is paid for! I told him I had a 1999 8' tent trailer that I want $2,500.00 trade in, and he said "fine". I told him I wouldn't pay more than $150.00 a month for payments. He said "fine". I asked why the other one over there was a thousand dollars cheaper, and he said he could make this one the same price, then as we were talking another guy came by and told him that there is a $3,000.00 rebate until the end of the month (Sunday). So that brings it down to $11,000.00. (hmmmmmmmmm). What to do, what to do, What to do, What to do!

I need to sleep on this one......What do you think? I know what the answer will be, but I need to sleep on it and really consider everything.
I want to travel when I retire, and this would be perfect. I can tow it with my MPV and take it to Alaska. It is much safer than a tent, and more sturdy during storms (which usually happen when I camp). It will be lightweight and cheaper to tow than other campers, and camp sites are easy to find. I will have a place to go to when and if the power goes out in my house and I need to cook. It would be a roof over my head if I ever lose my house and I am out in the streets. Hmmmmmm, What to do, what to do, What to do, What to do!

Well it is time to go to bed and dream of camping and traveling and the like.

Some people when they age try to turn back their odometers.
Not me, I want people to know "why" I look this way.
I've traveled a long way and some of the roads weren't paved.

Friday, April 28, 2006


Ok, I just got an email Asking me why I haven't blogged since last Saturday!
Been busy! Working odd hours, meetings after work, etc, etc, etc! Going to Everett this morning (2 hours each way) for a two hour meeting. We received a grant to put on a new route from Terry's Corner to Downtown Everett, and from Mount Vernon to downtown Everett.
Any way, I really don't like to blog about work, so therefore no blog. I'll get to it this weekend!
I'm fine!!
Hope everyone else is too!


If you're riding' ahead of the herd,
take a look back every now and then to make sure it's still there.

Saturday, April 22, 2006


I went to my First Aid and CPR Instructor recertification class today.
The American Heart Association has changed the guidelines for CPR. It actuall is much simpler now. If you click on this site It will give simple instructions.
CPR saves lives, and the more people that know how to do it, the safer we all are.

Three simple steps:

1. Call Check the victim for unresponsiveness. If there is no response, Call 911 and return to the victim. In most locations the emergency dispatcher can assist you with CPR instructions

2. Blow Tilt the head back and listen for breathing. If not breathing normally, pinch nose and cover the mouth with yours and blow until you see the chest rise. Give 2 breaths. Each breath should take 1 second.

3. pump If the victim is still not breathing normally, coughing or moving, begin chest compressions. Push down on the chest 11/2 to 2 inches(adults) 1 to 1 1/2 inches (children) 3/4 to 1 inch (infants) 30 times right between the nipples. Pump at the rate of 100/minute, faster than once per second.

NOTE: This ratio is the same for one-person & two-person CPR. In two-person CPR the person pumping the chest stops while the other gives mouth-to-mouth breathing.

This goes for children and infants as well.

If you don't learn to laugh at trouble,
you won't have anything to laugh at when you are old.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Well it has been three days now and the catnip plants are still intact. Although I have no idea how long it will stay there as Elliott followed me out when I took the picture and I gave him a leaf, and now he is wanting to get inside that cage!
The top was open so I stuck a tomato cage on the open top to defer the cats from jumping in and rolling all over the plants.
I used to have a big plant in the backyard when I had my dog, and of course he never bothered it nor did any of the stray neighborhood cats because my dog was there to scare them off! I remember right after Tlingit died I saw a cat walk by my front door heading to my back yard. I tiptoed outside to see where he went, and there he was, rolling all over the catnip plant! HAHAHAHA I laughed out loud and scared the bejesus out of that cat and he went lickity split outa there!! HAHAHA
I am off today because I have to work tomorrow. I have a First Aid/CPR Instructor update with the new American Heart Association guidelines. I've heard rumors that we no longer will teach giving breaths, instead we will teach giving nothing but chest compressions. Hmmm, that doesn't make sense to me. It goes against everthing I was ever taught, that getting air into the lungs to keep the brain going is real important. But I will see what the new guidelines are, then I will follow them when I teach.
Well I am going to get out and enjoy the SUNSHINE!!

Bilbo is rooting for the Flames!!

After eating an entire bull, a mountain lion felt so good he started roaring.
He kept it up until a hunter came along and shot him.
The moral:
When you're full of bull, keep your mouth shut.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I just yelled at Elliott and told him to leave the catnip alone, and he looked at me as if to say "I was smelling the flowers, not the catnip"! If you look just at the bottom of the flowers you can see a bit of the catnip plant.
I bought 4 of them and planted them in a whiskey barrell yesterday in hopes of having a hardy catnip plant later in the summer. YES I put a fence around it to keep the stray cats away from it! We'll see how long that will last.
It is still cold at nights, but Spring is definately here full force!! AAAAHCHOOO!
Sorry, hope I didn't get any on ya!

There are three kinds of men:
The ones that learn by reading.
The few who learn by observation.
The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence and find out for themselves

Monday, April 17, 2006

I'm being lazy today

After the busy weekend I feel lazy today! So does Elliot!
I took today off to sleep in and rest, but I have to get dressed and put my makeup on because I have a meeting at work at 1:00. I love my job so going in to a meeting is no big deal, but sometimes I just feel like hibernating and this is one of those days.
The sun is shining, the cats are out chasing bugs, the eagles are talking to each other, the farm machinery is rumbling in the background and my bed is calling me, but NOPE! If I take a nap now I won't be able to sleep tonight.

Well I am off to get presentable for the meeting!

Some minds are like concrete
thoroughly mixed up and permanently set.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday

I went to Good Friday Service tonight in our little Church.
Today was a very busy day at work, I went to the South end of the Island and up to the North end then back to the South end (about 150 miles total) and I got home from work at 5:30. I went to the service at 6:30, so I didn't have time to do much but change vehicles.
We were singing, and the Pastor came up front and in a very somber voice said "I'm sure there are some of you that haven't heard the news yet, and some of you have. I am sorry to have to tell you this...(About this time my heart was doing a flip flop because I didn't watch the news)..but Jesus died today. Yes, I said Jesus died today". I then realized that he was narrating the story from a participants point of view. We all were on the edges of our seats. I felt like I was right there when it was happening.
The Service lasted about an hour, and he was narrating the entire time. We had our communion then left. You could hear a pin drop when we were leaving. Tears were in all our eyes. We felt like we knew him personally (we DO)!! That was the best Service I have ever been to. Pastor Terry has the gift that touches each of us! We are so Blessed to have him here.
I cannot wait until Sunday. I am sure he will come in the same way and tell us HE IS RISEN!!

Have a safe and sane Easter everyone, and remember, we celebrate Easter because Jesus was crucified for our sins so that we can be saved. Not because the Easter bunny has left us candy and eggs! well the candy and eggs are nice, but don't forget the real reason for the Season.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I just can't help myself!
I laugh every year when I see this! It wouldn't be Easter without this.

I am going to Good Friday Service at 7:00, then Sunday Morning Sunrise Service at 7:00 am, then 10:00 Service, then my sister's house for leg of lamb at 4:00 pm. Poor baby lamb! MaaaaaaMaaaaa, daaaaaaaady, help meeeee!

I'm taking Monday off to stay home and Sleep!

Don't wait for 6 strong men to take you to church.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Punkin my spoiled rotten cat

This cat of mine drives me crazy!
I pour her a fresh glass of water, (yes I said glass), and she finds my stale water and reaches as far as she can get to drink MY water!
Why does it have to be MY water? Weird....
Today was a b-u-s-y day at work, and I believe the whole week will fly by.
That is good.
I'm going to try and take a day or two off next week to catch my breath.
Ooops the planes just buzzed my house on the way to my sister's neck of the woods. She'll be up most of the night now.
Hope your week is a peaceful one without storms!

Don't let your worries get the best of you;
remember, Moses started out as a basket case.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Eye Test

Here's an interesting eye test.

Try it out.

It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


I am reaching for the Comforter to put on my bed this morning and this is what I see. My cat Elliott that thinks he is human sitting like a human in the chair next to my bed. He is such a character. I said "What are you doing" and he said "yeeoow". He even tries to talk like us. It wouldn't surprise me if he walked across the room on his hind legs.
Well I had another busy day today, and tomorrow I get up at 5:00 and go to Camano to interview more potential Operators. This definately is not a boring job! My mind does get a little boggled, and I need to take a day to do NOTHING on the weekend.
Well maybe I can do that next weekend. This is the week I take Hannah and my other friend in a wheelchair to lunch. I have GOT to find younger friends! Naw....I like doing this.
I had to get some Zyrtec for my allergies yesterday. My head was stuffy, eyes itchy and my lungs were hurting. There is a yellow haze all over my car. POLLEN!
Ahh yes, I love Spring!
Tomorrow is FRIDAY!! Yahoo!!!

How Do Crazy People Go Through The Forest?
They Take The Psycho Path

Sunday, April 02, 2006

This is it, folks. My third time as drumming in our little Church. We have about 30-50 in the congregation, and 6 in the Worship Team. We all know each other and have a great time! We play for 1/2 hour then break for coffee and fellowship, then the sermon for 1/2 hour. So it is short and sweet. I am having a ball playing the drum!! Who'da thunk??

Whew, today got up to 65 degrees, and looking more like Spring every day!! I am ready to be able to keep my windows and doors open. I want to take a nap so bad right now, but if I do I won't be able to go to bed tonight. This time change really messes with my internal time clock and causes stress to me. Find a time and LEAVE IT ALONE!! The animals don't care what time it is.

Well better finish my chores so I can work next week.

What Do Fish Say When They Hit a Concrete Wall?

This is for David:Three aspiring psychiatrists were attending their first class on emotional extremes.
"Just to establish some parameters,"
said the professor to the student from Michigan,
"What is the opposite of joy?"
"Sadness," said the student.
And the opposite of depression?" he asked of the young lady from California.
"Elation," she said.
"And you sir," he said to the young man from Texas,
"How about the opposite of woe?
"The Texan replied, "Sir, I believe that would be giddy up"