Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday

I went to Good Friday Service tonight in our little Church.
Today was a very busy day at work, I went to the South end of the Island and up to the North end then back to the South end (about 150 miles total) and I got home from work at 5:30. I went to the service at 6:30, so I didn't have time to do much but change vehicles.
We were singing, and the Pastor came up front and in a very somber voice said "I'm sure there are some of you that haven't heard the news yet, and some of you have. I am sorry to have to tell you this...(About this time my heart was doing a flip flop because I didn't watch the news)..but Jesus died today. Yes, I said Jesus died today". I then realized that he was narrating the story from a participants point of view. We all were on the edges of our seats. I felt like I was right there when it was happening.
The Service lasted about an hour, and he was narrating the entire time. We had our communion then left. You could hear a pin drop when we were leaving. Tears were in all our eyes. We felt like we knew him personally (we DO)!! That was the best Service I have ever been to. Pastor Terry has the gift that touches each of us! We are so Blessed to have him here.
I cannot wait until Sunday. I am sure he will come in the same way and tell us HE IS RISEN!!

Have a safe and sane Easter everyone, and remember, we celebrate Easter because Jesus was crucified for our sins so that we can be saved. Not because the Easter bunny has left us candy and eggs! well the candy and eggs are nice, but don't forget the real reason for the Season.