Thursday, April 06, 2006


I am reaching for the Comforter to put on my bed this morning and this is what I see. My cat Elliott that thinks he is human sitting like a human in the chair next to my bed. He is such a character. I said "What are you doing" and he said "yeeoow". He even tries to talk like us. It wouldn't surprise me if he walked across the room on his hind legs.
Well I had another busy day today, and tomorrow I get up at 5:00 and go to Camano to interview more potential Operators. This definately is not a boring job! My mind does get a little boggled, and I need to take a day to do NOTHING on the weekend.
Well maybe I can do that next weekend. This is the week I take Hannah and my other friend in a wheelchair to lunch. I have GOT to find younger friends! Naw....I like doing this.
I had to get some Zyrtec for my allergies yesterday. My head was stuffy, eyes itchy and my lungs were hurting. There is a yellow haze all over my car. POLLEN!
Ahh yes, I love Spring!
Tomorrow is FRIDAY!! Yahoo!!!

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