Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bunch of nothing

My brother has had a great week and he doesn't have chemo for another week, so that is good!!

Not much to blog about, I keep tremendously busy, but that is what life is for, isn't it?
Monday & Thursday nights I take an AA meeting to a friend who is waiting for a liver transplant, Wednesday night is Bible study, Friday night is my AA meeting, then Saturdays are full of chores and Sunday is Church. Not much time leeft to get in trouble with.

The sun finally came out yesterday and today, and possibly tomorrow too! Yikes,!!
No summer here, floods in the midwest. The world is changing right beofre our eyes.

Have a plan, folks, alway have a plan!!
What would you do if a disaster happened? (have kits in your cars & home).
Who would you call? (Have their phone numbers handy).
Plan on where you would go if you lose your house. (Do you have a bank account you can access by computer)? Do you know your credit card numbers if you lose your purse or wallet?
I have a copy of all my cards (with numbers to call to report stolen) in my office desk in case I lose my purse.
I guess we shouldn't worry too much, but keep a plan in your mind on what to do in case.......!
Big earthquakes are popping up world wide, and we are overdue on the West Coast, so I am as prepared as I can be.

I'm also prepared for GOOD WEATHER if we ever get it!!
My backyard is prepared for barbecues and the freezer is full!!

I pray everyone is safe from the floods and weather! Have a good week!!