Friday, October 31, 2003

I got off work early yesterday and my sister Mary Lou and I went over to Burlington to Costco to spend money we don't really have to spend, but then a little retail therapy is good for the soul!
On the way home the sky was purple and orange, so I darted across the freeway to find a good place to take a picture then got stuck on the wrong side of the levee by the river. I stopped the car and ran up onto the levee and took the picture of the sunset shining on the river.
It was cold out, too!! This morning it got down to 29 degrees!!
I am all ready for Halloween. I have my hairpiece on and pulled it out on each side so I look like I have dog ears, then I put on a pair of fake glasses with a dog nose. It look silly but I can take it off quick if I have to be serious at work!! Nothing like looking ridiculous when you have to confront someone!!!HAHAHAHA