Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A Fun Tuesday

Today I had a great day! My favorite neices came over for 6 hours. They are so adorable and FULL OF ENERGY!!
I was teaching May here how to use the nifty knitter and she is busy making a scarf for her mom. Five minutes later she got tired of that and wanted lunch., so I fed them.
Mimi & Tai here are busy playing my drum. As you can see, I am the only one interested in the cartoon I was showing. I think that one was Aristocats. I also showed Happy Feet and another cartoon of Penguins. Then they were hungry again so I fed them. I also gave them sugar free jello with miniature marshmallows in it. They were happy.
May wanted to do her nails so I agreed to let her. She did a great job on hers and her sister's, then wanted to do my toes so I let her. I was watching the cartoon and she asked me what color, and I told her I didn't care. Well I ended up with blue, purple, pink, red & orange!! I'm sure glad I didn't fall asleep, no telling what I would look like!
Their dad came and got them at 5:30. I was tired but a good tired. They are three miracle kids!!

Oh my gosh, look between my big toe and the next one...is that a web growing? Am I getting web feet from all this rain?!?!?!
I went to check my mail and saw a houseboat at the dock.
I found out from my next door neighbor that it was a real house they were moving from Tacoma or somewhere around there up to Victoria!! Why I have no idea, and why they came through the Saratoga Passage instead of the straits is beyond me, but they ended up here because the house was sinking! Now they are looking for a way to transfer it to another barge and get it through Deception Pass (which is treacherous) and up to Victoria. I want to be on the bridge when they bring it through!

Tomorrow I go to Toby's Tavern for lunch with an AA friend. I had my first "legal" drink there on Feb 4th 1970 at midnight. The place hasn't changed at all since then either. Who'da thunk 37 years later I would go there for food and talk about AA.
HAHAHAHA I am having a heck of alot more fun now too!

When in doubt, just take the next small step.