Saturday, November 18, 2006

PlayStation 3

PlayStation 3 Launches In North America
by Jordan LeDoux

Sony's PlayStation 3 video game console and entertainment center has launched today in North America. Amid reports of shortages and disturbances among some of the retail locations, virtually all of the retail locations where the PS3 was available have reported requests exceeding stock.

Many locations had patrons outside their store for 24 hours or more, waiting in line for the chance to be first with their system and games. Gamers who took home a PlayStation 3 today have reported that there have been no issues with Sony's online service, many rushing to reserve the screen name which they wanted before someone else was able to take it.

What has this country come to?? This is an all time low! I am so embarrassed and ashamed of us. Fully grown men and women camping out in the cold for days to get the opportunity to buy a new play station! What are they going for? $600.00? Then they turn around and sell it on EBAY for thousands!! WHAT?? GREED..GREED..GREED!!!
Some have been followed and robbed after buying one. Some have had fist fights. I just don't get it! I have never played any of those games. I only play spider or free cell on my computer! I guess I am glad I don't have kids. But then these are the grown ups that are acting like this!!! SHAME ON THEM!!
I am so disgusted, can you tell?