Monday, November 06, 2006

Warm Beach

Well POOP! I just posted with three pictures, then went to add a picture and somehow I deleted ALL of it!
I said I had a great time at the retreat and was filled with the Holy Spirit, and we made some crosses made out of three welded together nails with 33" of wire with 12 barbs to wrap around the nails. They are great, and we got to keep them. I have mine hanging on my door.
This is Sherry, my sister-in-law holding up her cross.
We got home at 2:30 Sunday exhausted, and I took a long nap, woke up and went back to bed.
I went to work today and came home at 1:00 and took another long nap. I am pooped!!
I am going to take my bath and go back to bed!!
We are having some flooding here due to heavy rains, and high tides. Now I am thankful I do not have a house on the beach or by a river.
Snoqualmie Falls up by the mountains is roaring away right now!
I'd love to go there to hear the roar of the Falls, but I'm sure I couldn't get near them with the mass of people heading that way!
My sister is probably posting about the Falls too.
I am Sooooo glad tomorrow is finally getting here! I am SICK AND TIRED OF THE CRAPPY ELECTION ADS!! It keeps me from turning on the television!! Gee, what will 2008 bring with the Presidential elections!!???
Where is Wanda?

Good night folks!!

Why do they call it an asteroid when it's outside the hemisphere but call it
a hemorrhoid when it's in your behind?