Saturday, November 25, 2006

I was on my way to the movies (Happy Feet) today and had the feeling I needed to go see Hannah instead. I saw her Wednesday afternoon and she was not in a good way at all. She was sleeping and would not wake up. Her son was here so I called him, and he said he knew she was not doing well at all. He said he was leaving to go back home (Australia) on Thursday. I have no respect for the man so I stayed away until he was gone. I found out he missed his flight so he came back here, then left this morning. Any way, I went into Hannah's room and she was comatose. I held her hand and it was cool to the touch. I saw a nurse and she told me Hannah was dying. His mother is on her deathbed, and he leaves!!
I brought her a single red rose and placed it in her hand with a note telling her what a great friend she has been to me.
I wrote her that Jesus is with her holding her hand.
I told her it was okay to go.
I told her I loved her.
I sat there and held her hand for three hours. I left to get some coffee and came back and sat down and grabbed her hand and she took her last breath. Hannah Flack Spaeth left this world at 6:35pm on this day November 24, 2006. She was born on October 13, 1915.
She was 91 years old.
I adored that woman.
She had class.
She would have been sober 34 years March 3, 2007.
She had alot of wild stories she would tell me, and told them with such dignity!
I feel honored that she asked me to be her AA sponsor about 5 years ago.
Really honored.

I love this photo! It was taken July 2005. We were at the raisin ranch July picnic, and all the raisins were wearing cheap straw hats to keep the sun off them so I brought this classy red hat for her to wear.
I had my camera with me so I snapped this photo of me holding her hand with the rose in it. It just says I love you Hannah, and I am here with you.
I had no idea she was going to die in an hour. Sometimes people hang on for days. What an honor to be there with her when she took her last breath of life after 91 years of breathing.
She survived the 1918 flu epidemic that took her sister's life. She always felt guilty for surviving.
She survived her first husband.
She survived her second husband that kept telling her to exercise and diet, or she was going to die young. hehehe
I was hoping she'd survive her evil son that kept telling her she was fat and needed to lose weight or she would die! the prick.

I'm going to miss you, Hannah!

We've had alot of good times in the 19 years I've known you!
Alot of good times.
I'll miss your scream of delight whenever I'd walk into your room at the nursing home carrying a mocha milkshake!
Every time I'll see a lemon meringue pie, I'll think of you. Gads, how she loved that pie!

Good bye, Hannah

I'll see you on the other side!