Sunday, May 20, 2007


Well thank goodness that week is gone!! It was something every day. Monday I went to the pool and did the aerobics then went to the hot tub. Tuesday morning I woke up with the horrendous burning rash again!! I had an AHA is the hot tub!! It has alot of extra chemicals in it, and is much hotter than the pool. So I did not go on Friday to be sure the rash is all cleared up, then I will go just to the pool tomorrow and see what happens. SHEESH!
I was driving home and noticed how beautiful this field is, so I just had to take this photo! I believe it is cabbage seed.
I heard about a barn that burned down a mile from my house on Thursday so I drove by to see. There was a beautiful kodak moment! Chief Biller at the nozzle!! Better yet, Chief Biller at the nozzle, not wearing his helmet or bunker gear, facing the wrong way with a sissy spray coming from the hose!! HAHAHAHA No wonder they lost the barn!! HAHAHAHA
Yes, I emailed the photos to the fire hall!! hehehehe
It has been rather stressful, and nothing better to relieve stress than a soak in a tub of hot water. I turned on the faucet to fill my jetta tub Wednesday night and then went to give the cats their treats. I went to get in the tub and BRRRRRR!! I ran out of hot water!! WHAAAA??? It is a brand new hot water heater bought January 22!! That is when I posted the crying baby! Other things happened but it is over now and life is good.
Our new Pastor starts next Sunday, and we are all excited. He is a young man (30's) married with 2 young boys.
Two guys from Church came over today to look at my hot water heater and said one element is not working, so I will get a new element and they will install it for me.
It is great to have friends like that.
Well I am all excited to start my new week.
I am.
Really I am!!

A good time to keep your mouth shut is when you're in deep water.