Thursday, December 04, 2008


As most of you know, I live in a trailer park in small town USA. I was at work today about 2:00pm and one our maintenance guys came into my office and said we just got a call to a fully involved structure fire in Terry Park! Well before he even finished his sentence I was halfway home! MY CATS!!! As I turned the corner to my park I saw this huge plume of smoke and to my relief noticed it was in row 1. I live in row 3. My house is the bluish one the second from the left. But the one that was smoking was totally gone! I was there when I heard the horn honking in the car in their driveway and the vehicle caught fire too.

I took this picture from row 2. The windows had blown out of the trailer and was totally gutted! I was praying hard that no-one was home.
These guys said it was too close for their comfort! Me too, actually! The last photo was taken from my front deck.
I unlocked my house and went and told the policeman that if anyone needed shelter, that they can go to my house, and there was food in there for anyone that was hungry. I was totally surprised that I had food left when I got home from work!! He must've forgot. I know firemen and cops, and they are ALWAYS hungry!!
I found out later that no-one was hurt and it was a Mexican family with two small kids. I will ask people in my Church for clothing etc. Thank GOD that no one was hurt.
My neighbor across the street sitting in the white truck came rushing home from the Disposal company to check on his cat. HAHAHAHA Our cats were probably disturbed that we woke them up!!