Saturday, December 13, 2008

I love Christmas!!

I love Christmas! Everything about it!
When I was a little kid I saw Santa Clause and his sleigh fly across sky. I can't remember how old I was, but we were living in a little house on Libby Road. I must've been in first grade. I don't know if my brother was born yet or not. I think he was a baby. The jingling of sleigh bells woke me up so I ran to the window and looked out and I KNOW I saw santa in his sleigh flying across the sky. (Now I think it was the imagination of a sleepy child wishing it to be true). I'm sure my parents were drunk downstairs and putting the gifts under the tree and daddy jingling the bells and mom giggling. Dad was an overgrown kid at Christmas!
My sister was watching this movie "Prancer" and she called me and said "You have got to see this movie! It is YOU". I saw the movie, and sure enough, it was me! I had the imagination that the little girl in the movie had.
"The Polar Express" is magical too!! The only ones that can hear the bell are "believers" Well I heard the bells!!
I Love to watch all the old Christmas movies with magical messages in them.

In the news lately the Governor has a Nativity scene in the Capitol building in Olympia. Well the Atheists decided they needed to put their message up too, and they did!.

They put up their display and boy, has there been quite the controversy! They have every right to have a display of their beliefs, but don't slam ours! I feel bad for them. I pray for their souls and salvation. I feel bad for people that do not have the comfort of Christ Jesus to rely on. I feel sad that they think that this is it. Nothing more. Don't take me wrong, I do not condemn anyone their beliefs and religion. Let them celebrate what they want to celebrate. Winter Solstice has been celebrated by the Pagans for eons. The Christians have adopted December 25 as their day to celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ, our Saviour.
I hope everyone can enjoy the Holidays as much as I do!! Peace to all.