Friday, September 24, 2004

I had a Rough Week!

I had a rough week!
Work went ok but hectic, my back got really inflamed again on Wednesday and I had to stay at home taking pain pills and sleep, a dear friend of mine had a really serious health scare with her daughter and spent two days in Children's Hospital, (she's ok now we think...they are running some tests) and tomorrow I am putting on a Women's AA Luncheon that usually 20-30 people show up for and I have 86 reservations already!! During this I have to take a van and pick up my friend Hannah in her wheelchair and get her to the luncheon.
All I really want to do is sleep in and forget it all! But Nooooo, I have to be the responsible person and get everything done right!! (she says really sarcastically). Next time anyone hears of me volunteering to do something, just reach in the computer and grab me by the hair and slap the shit outa me!! Ok? Please?
I'm gonna go eat some popcorn and finish watching Third Watch!
Have a drink for me will ya?

Thought for the day:
Eat well, stay fit, die anyway.

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