Thursday, September 30, 2004

I don't feel good!

Boy, I was at work today at 4:00 and all of a sudden I got nauseaous and dizzy! I sat there for awhile and tried to make it go away but it was getting worse. I left to go home and stopped at the Post Office and almost passed out when checking my mail. I made it back to the car and sat there for awhile then drove home. (Do not try this at home!! STUPID!). Luckily I did not pass out or get in an accident. I got home and made it in the house and sat at the computer and my entire world was spinning like heck. I get Vertigo once in awhile but this seemed worse. I felt like I was going to burst at both ends, and prepared for it, but it just kept up. I went to my recliner and reclined and the world kept spinning. I closed my eyes and it got worse. It's pretty bad when you feel sick and want to lie down and can't!! I took a few antiematics (seasick pills) and fell asleep. I woke up an hour later and still felt bad. It was 6:30 so I thought maybe if I tried to eat something I would feel better. Now if you know me, I am one that think food is a cure for everything!! In fact when I am sick I eat more trying to get better!! My size shows that! I made a grilled cheese (with Velveeta of course) but could only eat 1/2 of it. Now I know I am sick!! I don't have a fever(98.6), my blood sugars are ok 120, and my blood pressure is a little elevated (140/80) but not high. So I think I'll live. (Once an EMT always an EMT)!
I sat back in the recliner after eating the 1/2 grilled cheese and got a big glass of water, my phone & the remote, got all cuddly in the blanket and knocked over my glass of water!! I crawled out and stumbled into the bathroom to get a towel to clean up the mess and finally got it cleaned up then stuggled back into my nest and this time I knocked over the ginger ale I had! Well POOP!! I struggled back out of my nest and cleaned that up then FINALLY got all settled in for another nap!! (I am so dizzy it is a struggle to stand or bend over) I must've been a funny site to watch!!
I hate it when I feel out of sorts!! I get like a little kid wanting her mommy for a hug then I want to be left alone! So I called my sister....HA!! busy....busy....busy!! Either her or her daughter are on the computer. I can never get her on the phone. I told her she needs to tell her daughter to get her own phone line for her computer, but noooooo! She has a cell phone but keeps it in her car.
Well it is 11:00 now and I'm feeling a little better. I don't think I will sleep in bed though because I still feel dizzy. Yes I will go to the doctor tomorrow for a check-up. I get sinus infections alot, and this might be the problem. I have been coming home all week from work and falling into bed for a nap each night, waking up tired and starting all over again!
Ok, I feel better now. I just needed to voice this out and get some sympathy and hugs!!
Now go away and leave me alone to suffer in privacy!!
Friday!! My favorite!!

Thought for the day:
The statistics on sanity are that one out of every four Americans is suffering from sort of mental illness. Think of your three best friends,if they're okay, then it's you.

Ichiro only needs 2 more hits in three games to break the record!! Woo Hoo!! Maybe it will happen tomorrow!! I can just imagine the feel of the crowd in the stadium!!
Then we will say good by to Edgar Martinez!! Thank you Gar for giving us a good show!!

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