Sunday, August 08, 2004

Weekend's end

My goodness, where does the time go? We look so forward to the weekend and before you know it, it is time to get ready for Monday morning! WHAAAAAAAA!!
Friday night I got the house cleaned and the laundry done so Saturday I slept until 9:00, then my good looking handy man neighbor came by to finish my front yard.
I had him kill the vegetation under the rose bushes and put down black weed block then put 2 yards of red lava rock down. It looks great!! I then went to a house warming barbecue for an hour then went to Oak Harbor (10 miles away) and took Hannah a "Mocha Moolatte" from Dairy Queen. She does not get any luxeries in her nursing home unless I sneak them in to her. She thought she died and went to heaven!! She made the most sensual noises while eating the shake that we both giggled like high school girls!! I then did some shopping and went to Church.
I got home around 8PM and ate some cold chicken and did some computer work then called a few AA gals and went to bed.
I slept until 8:30 this morning and woke up to someone calling my name. That happens a few times when no body is there. It is weird. I remember in 1967 my dad ran outside looking for a person that was calling his name. He said it happened alot when he was sleeping, he would wake up to someone calling his name! I thought he was losing it, but now it is happening to me. Oh well, I didn't make roll call this time!! I fooled 'em!!
I putzed around doing alot of nothing today then went to another barbecue held for a friend of mine that is visiting from Florida. She lost her 37 year old daughter this Spring to seizures! She had seizures most of her life and had them under control by medications, but decided she wanted another child so cut down on her medication and had the deadly seizure. How horribly tragic! She was her mother's best friend. Wanda is holding on, but misses her terribly! I cannot imagine the loss!! I saw alot of people there that I haven't seen in ages. One was a woman that lives a few blocks away. We were laughing about our "aging". She is 9 years older than me and reminded me of the time she called 911 for a back pain. I was on duty and when we got there she apologized for her messy house, then wanted to walk to the ambulance because she was afraid she was too heavy for us, (we convinced her to get on the gurney) She then said I was taking her blood pressure in the back of the ambulance and I said "Oh my God"!! Well so much for reassuring the patient and calming them down!! HAHAHAHA we laughed at that one!!

Now I am getting the chores done for another work week ahead of me. It is supposed to be in the 90's again this next week so I baked some shake & bake BBQ chicken thighs to eat cold with a salad for dinners this week.
Well enough of my mindless blabber. I'm sure you are so excited about hearing about my weekend! Y'all have a marvelous week ahead!!

Well in the hour since this last post I started some fresh bluberry ice cream then watered my roses and tomato plants and sat and watched a robin jump around chasing the bugs, and watched my cat chatter at the Robin, then went inside and stripped my bed and changed the sheets, and now I am sitting here eating some fresh bluberry ice cream!!! NUM!!
Aint life goooood??!!
Dang that Oprah! She is evil!! She showed the Quisinart electric ice cream maker on her show and I had to run out and buy one right away!! It makes great ice cream and lime sorbet!! Being diabetic, I need to watch my sugar intake so buying this machine is really good for me because I use Spleda instead of sugar. But there just isn't any substitute for heavy cream. Oh well baby steps here.

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