Friday, August 06, 2004

Friday and the weekend ahead of us!

I came home today from work and fell into bed. I could not keep my eyes open! I napped for 2 hours, so now I know I will be awake most of the night! Oh well I got an energy boost this evening and cleaned the floors and kitchen and bathroom. All I need to do this weekend is the laundry! WooHoo!! Cleaning is so much easier now that I have the Laminate floors! I have a small Oreck carry along vaccuum cleaner and it picks up the stray kitty litter and dust devils, then I wet mop the floors with hot water and vinegar!
It finally rained today a little bit and we sure needed it! It is supposed to be nice again this week. We have been extremely lucky with our weather. But we did have two weeks of HOT temperatures that we don't like here.
I am through with my story, but will once in awhile post something that pops in my head. My life revolves around my sobriety now and I will post about it. I am not an "Anonymous" alcoholic. I believe in sharing what I have experienced in hopes it can touch someone that needs it.
Leslie asked about who founded Alcoholics Anonymous. Here is a site that has the history of Bill Wilson and his quest for sobriety in 1935. Click on Bill's Story and it will tell the history.
Well I need to go crochet a baby afghan!
Y'all have a great Saturday!!

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