Monday, August 23, 2004


I don't have much to say, but feel the need to do so!
I went to work today and put in a whole day!!
I still hurt, but can live with it. I am going to a neurosurgeon to see what he has to say. I want another MRI and I want him to tell me all is ok and I just need to learn to live with it. Ok I can accept that. I have tingling, swelling and redness in my lower legs and feet. I want him to tell me that it is nothing that a pinched nerve is causing. Ok. If it is the Diabetes, I can learn to accept what is thrown at me. But I don't want to walk around for another three years damaging a nerve that could've been fixed now!!
So there, I said it! (Whaaaa).
Off my pitty pot here, My little friends came over at 5:30 after I got home from work today. I showed them the toy box I got for them. (Yahtzee dice, go fish cards, magnet toys, 2 coloring books and colors, and a CING-O dice game). They played yahtzee, beat me at the game, saw my miniature marshmallows and stuffed them all at once in their faces and ran out giggling!!
My goodness but they remind me of myself! I enjoy them. (the kids, too)!
I put my new flannel sheets on my bed yesterday. They are soft & snuggly!! I found them at Costco and they don't lose the softness like other flannel sheets do! They wash good and are still soft and cuddly!! Ahhhh! I don't have a fire place, in fact I hardly turn on my heater in the winter. So I like a warm snuggly bed to crawl into after a long hot bath. I also have a goosedown comforter and a small electric throw to cover my feet. I am ready for Winter to come rolling in anytime now!!
Well, gotta go do some more crocheting on the baby afghan!

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