Friday, August 13, 2004

Friday the Thirteenth!! (New Moon)

Well I sure started my day out as a bad one!
First of all I slept in. I set my alarm at 6:00 am then the next one for 6:30. I also have the clocks set 10 minutes ahead in case I oversleep. Well my subconscious knows that, so when the alarms went off I kept hitting the ole snooze button!! I finally opened my eyes and it was 8:00!! Well actually 7:50. I called the office and told them I will be in at 9:00.
I feel like I am coming down with a sinus cold or something. I have been sleepy all week and my eyes are blurry and hard to focus.
I headed into work and first off said something to a gal that took it wrong and she got into a tizzy fit. I went to make my instant coffee and poured the water in and it was cold water!!
Then I was sitting in my office trying to run some numbers for the next years budget and maintence had buses sitting right outside my window running all morning, then they were using a high powered drill or something, and I got a headache and couldn't concentrate, so I came home at 2:00pm to get some work done here. I guess I'm not doing much work, huh?
Aww quit my whining!! Ok......I will take a nap and start all over!!
This too shall pass.

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