Sunday, August 29, 2004

And the Winner Is.....

Drum Roll...................................................

Tipsy McStagger!!! Presented by Leslie in Canada!!

Well heck, now I have to figure out what she wins! Hmmm, I didn't think of that!

TA DA!!!!

I can't believe it, I got up today at 9:30 and went back to bed at 10:30 to read and just woke up at 2:30!! My cat was right next to me too! I feel ok, just lazy!!
I had to keep my door closed and locked because yesterday I was napping and I woke up to one of my neighbor friends (8 years old) looking at me and asking why I have that thing on my face!! (I have a CPAP machine for my sleep Apnea). I told him I was from outer space and the atmosphere here is bad for me so I need to be recharged once in awhile! HAHAHAHA Then he said that his mom said there was no such thing as fog monsters! I told him well if that is what she wants you to believe, ok. But I know for a fact they exist because they were stuck in my house until the next fog rolled in and then they could go back out! He asked if they were mean, and I said no, they were mischievious like you! They giggle and you can't see them unless you look really really hard. He looked at me and was taking in every word!! HAHAHAHA I might be called off limits by his mom if I keep this up!! Hmmmmm...
I feel bad, he just came up to my door and I have it closed he didn't knock, he just walked off. Ok, I'm a meany but I want my solitude right now. I love the kids, but I do neeed my rest ya know?

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