Saturday, August 28, 2004


Well it sure felt good to sleep in today! I woke up at 8:15 and actually woke the cat up too! She kind of rolled over and let me get up and hobble to the bathroom. She was still there when I came back in the bedroom. She was snuggled up in the flannel sheets not wanting to move over and let me back in!! So I went in the kitchen and took my morning pills, checked my blood sugars, and cooked breakfast. Now I know why I like Saturdays so much. It is sleeping in until I wake up naturally, and cooking breakfast!! I love eggs and only have them on Saturday and Sunday. My boss raises chickens and I get some farm fresh eggs!! Then my other friends have corn and I get some fresh corn on the cob, and then I'll grill a steak tonight with the fresh corn. Hmmm does it sound like I look forward to the weekend because off the food?
Two of my new friends (ages 8 & 9) are over visiting me. My goodness they are a bunch of brats!! I am doing my laundry and stripped my bed. I was putting the fitted sheets on the bed and they helped. I walked into the other room and heard a bunch of giggling and squeeling. I went back to the bedroom and they were jumping up and down on the bed. I just turned around and left and let them have their fun. I will finish making the bed after they leave. Stephanie, the 9 year old left a mess last time so Iwouldn't let her have any gum. She begged, and I said she could have the gum I'm chewing but not fresh gum, so she took it and started chewing it!!! Eyyyyuuuu!!!! Now they are playing Yahtzee. My cat is hiding under the table. My sister called a few minutes ago and she heard them in the background. I'm sure she is thinking "better you than me". I love them!! Oops now one is coloring and the aother is playing Yahtzee by herself.
Mark from "Better Living" visited me so I went over there and visited him. I love his message today. It is a repeat of his Easter message last year. Go say hello to him! Faith, you would like what he has to say I think.
Well I better go supervise the children!

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