Wednesday, March 22, 2006

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This is my "Field of Dreams" backyard!
Last year there was a Soccer field. This year they moved the Soccer field across the field and built this Baseball field. They put up fences, but I'm sure there will be a few fly balls. I can sit in my yard and scream real loud in pain when I see a ball coming my way. hehehehe
The School owns the field, and I am so glad they built the field instead of building a new High School!! WHEW! I still have my view, and I can grill some hot dogs and sell them and lemonade over my fence!! They promised they will not put up lights, so I can still sit on my deck at night and watch the mysterious night sky!

Tomorrow I am taking Hannah to dinner at the "Mad Crab" a restaurant on the waterfront. Her son is coming here for a few weeks and she wants to eat while she can, so I am letting her indulge!

People are funny;
they want the front of the bus,
the middle of the road,
and the back of the church.


Dick said...

We once bought 3 3/4 acres of fir trees out in the country and built a house there. A couple of years later a developer bought the 20 acres across our driveway from us and built a large, cheap mobile home park. About 40% of them were single wides, not all were new and over half were rentals, not owner occupied. It really decimated property values in the neighborhood. I guess that is one advantage to buying in a place where it is already developed - fewer surprises.

JimBob said...

Hey! Ya finally got your dual comments back - blogspot and haloscan! Didn't I see this last year?

Joe said...

Hey girl, glade the school got the land. Now you no you will have an open space to enjoy. I hope you and your friend don't eat to much! :-) I don't have a fire place and yes I gave it all away!

cas said...

The Mad Crab sounds like a restaurant I'd like to try. Great name.

enjoy the baseball season

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