Sunday, March 26, 2006

Stuart Corey

Our beloved friend and Pastor Stuart Corey passed away this morning.
He was an inspiration to anyone that met him. He was a career Navy pilot and when he retired he started Island Ministries on the Island here. He was a very Spiritual man that trusted his life in the Lord. Sept 1st 2003 he was riding a bicycle in Canada and fell and broke his neck. His injuries were like Christopher Reeves. He depended on a machine to breathe. He was told her won't live through the night in Sept 2003, then was told he will never speak again but he beat those odds and started signing Amazing Grace in his hospital room. When he came to our Church we could hear every breath he took from the machine and I would look at him in awe, because he was HAPPY! He was happy because he knew the Lord, and knew his life here is just a breath until eternity. His wife Laraine was always by his side and she too was happy. It was like they knew a secret and was all excited to tell us. The secret is Jesus.
He is now dancing away with Jesus. You can read all about him on his website here: Do yourself a favor and visit his site and read his history.
You will be missed, Stu, and I feel honored to be one of your friends.