Friday, March 10, 2006


Ellen tagged me to do this meme with five weird habits/facts about myself, so if you are shocked or disgusted, blame her....

1. When using toilet paper I have to have the paper tear off evenly. If it rips in half, I keep going until I have a perfect rip. HAHAHAHA perfect the bathroom!! HAHAHAA .....get it?.....well moving on.....

2. Farts are the funniest thing ever! If I hear a fart at the wrong moment I start this hysterical giggle inside me then it erupts and I am out of control!! I even have a remote fart machine on my office door. People go by and push it all the time! I am sure, if I ever have a funeral (Which I won't because I will be cremated), my fart machine will go with me, and someone will push the remote button when the coffin goes by!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA That gives me a horrible idea!! HAHAHAHAHAHA never mind......

3. I am a multi-tasker, but not a multi-finisher. I can start something then my mind gets distracted and I start something else, then the phone will ring and I do something else, then I see something that needs to be done and I start that, then I see the thing I started in the first place, and go back to that after I pick this up, and get this done..........

4. If I hear a rumor or something said about me or a friend or heaven help them, a family member, I go right to the source and settle the matter. I don’t like to let things fester. I say it like it is, and pray for the best. I don’t like bad feelings. I forgive easily and expect the same.

5. I cannot leave clothes on the floor at all, not even towels. The only time dirty clothes are on my floor is when I am sorting them for laundry. I grew up with kittens and puppies that just love to do things on the clothes, therefore I cannot leave them on the floor.

I’ve probably got more quirks, but these are what comes to mind today.
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