Saturday, March 04, 2006

Lesson of the Day:

Lesson of the Day: At 57 years old, ya'd think I'd know better, but NOOOOOOOO!
I have been horribly sick with the stomach flu for three days now, and just this afternoon felt good. In fact I feel almost better! But my stupidity ceases to amaze me (although I'm sure it doesn't amaze my sister at all). Tonight er, this morning about 2 am I was trying to sleep and my stomach was craving something. (making guirgling noises like hunger) So I get up and find some dill pickles. Hmmm, that looks great!! About three years ago I was buying dill pickles by the gallon, and eating them at midnight and drinking the pickle juice. So I figured I needed the salt with the dehydration from the flu, and there are no calories or fat content and no suger. So I sliced three of them and ate them and drank about 1/2 cup of pickle juice. I went back to bed and was snuggling in and about 20 minutes later I felt weird, so went to the bathroom and sat down and got rid of the pickles I thought, then stood up and projectile vomited all over the place!! Just chunky pickles and their juice. Elliott came running and looked at the mess and thought geeze, PICKLES!!?? He looked at me like he thought I was stupid for eating them!! He wasn't about to help me clean up the mess, thank God!
I think I have been cured of the pickle cravings for a long long time now!!

The only two things we do with greater frequency in middle age
are urinate and attend funerals.