Sunday, March 05, 2006

Farewell my sweet friend Carolyn

Friday night my friend Carolyn lost her battle for breath and died.
She had a lung disease caused by smoking. She quit smoking years ago but the damage was done. She caught this horrid virus that is going around last week and went into the hospital and died.
She was a character. I loved her. I was her sponsor in AA. She came into the halls November 2003 and liked me and asked me to be her sponsor. I told her she has to not drink, and call me at least twice a week and go to meetings. Well she would call me mostly while I was at work, so she would leave a message on my phone talking to my two cats. I would press the message button and hear her voice "hello Punkin, hello Elliott, how are you two doin?". I'll miss her silly messages.
She had to use oxygen 24/7. I would watch her leave the meeting and walk 30 feet to her car and grasp the wheel leaning forward struggling for each breath, waiting for her lungs to get air. My heart would go out to her, but she refused help. She finally lost her battle, and is now pain free and in Heaven!!
Goodbye sweet friend, I will miss you, but we'll meet again.
Carolyn M. 1933-2006