Monday, November 01, 2004

Please, let these elections be over soon!!

I had a full day at work today after 5 days of being sick!
I am DOG TIRED!! I think I will take a long shower and get my book and go to bed around 8:00 and escape from the television and have a good nights sleep!!
I will say some deep prayers tonight asking for the elections to go by without any horrible incidents, and that whoever wins, the other will be a gracious loser.

We are having a typical November storm tonight. The wind is blowing and the rain is hitting the windows sideways. The temp is 45 and a warm front is blowing through melting the snow in the passes that we got this weekend. Now there are flood watches in some of the rivers. Tomorrow night a cold front will blow through making more snow for the mountain passes. I love it!! I also love that I can stay in my warm bed listening to the storm knowing I won't be called out in it to rescue someone!! I paid my dues for 15 years in the Fire Department, now some young whipper snapper can do it and I can listen to my scanner.
Ahhhhh, calgon take me away!!
Y'all have a safe night and don't forget to VOTE tomorrow!!

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