Sunday, November 07, 2004

Time to clean out the fridge!

Sundays are my day for "putzing". Today I have been thinking about cleaning out the fridge and throwing away whatever I am afraid to open up and look at.
I saw this picture on the web and thought it really cute. Having had a Siberian Husky once, this is not an unusual occurance. They are very mischievious and adorable at the same time. I sure miss Tlingit, but will not get another dog as they are high maintenance. A cat you can feed and leave alone for a day or two. A dog will dial 911 and let out a pitiful howl!!
My sister called me on December 24th about four years ago asking me where Tlingit was. I said he was in the backyard, why? She said she was listening to the police scanner and heard the Coupeville cop say he was en route from Prairie Center to the Dog Pound with one very friendly husky! I looked in the back yard and sure enough, there was a small hole in the fence where Tlingit chewed through and escaped!! So I got dressed and ran to the pound. There he was all excited to see me and ready to tell me all about his adventure!!
That cost me $55.00 to bail him out!!
Huskies are escape artists and love to run!! I have a small backyard so there is no place for him to run. I took him out to the Transit facility where we are fenced in all around, and let him loose to run. He ran as fast as he could to the end of the yard and dug a hole, crawled under and ran like Hell across the highway to the neighbors yard and had jumped on the cage of their prized rabbitt and let it loose and ruined the cage and tore the tarp by the time I got to him. That cost me about $50.00 also!! Then he looks at me all excited as though he is supposed to act like that!! He was so cute!! He died a few months after the Christmas Eve episode of a tumor. He was a great companion with a great personality, and taught me alot about dogs, but NOPE no more dogs for me!!

Any body have any cute mischievious pet stories?

Thought for the day:
Dogs have owners......Cats have staff!

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