Saturday, September 03, 2005

New Kitty

Oh Swell!

Well I went to Oak Harbor today and took Hannah to lunch then I went to get some books from the Waif Thrift Store and came home with a 4 month old kitty!! Now what's with that? I thought maybe Punkin could use a playmate, but ummm, I don't think she thinks it is too great of an idea right now!
They did the hissing routine to see who would be king/queen of the house and Punkin won down! Right now he is scared and sulking around doing the sniffing stuff cats do. I sure hope he sniffed real good by the litter box in the bathroom! Punkin seems like she will be ok after a few days. What I am looking forward to is coming home to see them sleeping and then playing with each other.
Maybe he can clean Punkin's butt, 'cause she sure can't reach it!

So, what should I name him?
Let's have a contest. They named him Marco, but I don't like that.
Name the kitty folks!!
I'll think up a prize.