Friday, September 16, 2005

Disaster Drill at Work

Well today was the day for the actual Disaster Drill. We have been planning it for months and writing the Emergency Response Manual. It turned out perfect. We smoked a bus and the Conference room. We had 4 people made up to look like they had real injuries and placed them in the room and one in a bus. We had the Sheriff, Coupeville Police, Fire Department, EMS, and Emergency Services all participate.
The man that came up from Vancouver Washington was really impressed that Transit, police, fire and EMS all work together in a professional way. (of course I guess it helps that I was in the Fire Department for 15 years, drove the ambulance for 10 years, and my ex husband worked in the Sheriff's department). But we are a small community here and take drills seriously!
Here are some pictures of the day.
We smoked the bus

That's me in the red

Firefighters dragging out the victims

Here they come to save the day!

Poor Bubba!

Sherri was a real trooper!

Sherri has been going through alot of stress lately with her parents, kids, life, and when we asked if she would be a victim and scream, she said YES!! Scream she did, and got rid of some pent up STRESS!!

We all did great, and we are glad it is over! A few felt some weird feelings through this, and one actually had tears and got mad because it has come to this! Well we want to be prepared and know what to do in case of emergencies, and the public will feel good knowing we practiced. The press was there too, so it will be in the papers.
Well now time for me to finish the preparations for the luncheon tomorrow for 100 Alcoholic Women!!

Oh....and the Vet called me just before the drill went down to tell me Punkin is in kidney failure and it doesn't look good at all!! I need to keep liquids in her and try to make her eat. No such luck so far. DANGIT!!!! I'm praying for her and put her in God's hands. We are all part of His plan. Maybe that is why I came home with a kitten the other day?!

Calgon, take me away!!