Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The new County Connector

After months of hard work, late night public meetings, planning and driving the routes, and training the new drivers, we finally came to day one of the new service to Bellingham. I got up at 4:00am to get on the first bus heading out to Mount Vernon to meet the connecting bus to Bellingham. I took my friend Nancy with me. She is the one that grows the beautiful Dahlias and delicious corn!!

Mark Weidenbach is the first driver to get us there!

On the way

Debbie, Pam and Mark, our drivers.

The bus from Camano Island met us in Mount Vernon. They brought two people over to catch the Connector!

After getting on the bus in Mount Vernon, 11 others got on the bus heading to work in Bellingham!

The Connection in Mount Vernon

Trip to Bellingham

Nancy and I had breakfast in Bellingham then caught the 9:40am bus back to Mount Vernon. 11 other people rode the bus down and caught the next bus back to Oak Harbor! We stayed for the grand opening or "connecting" celebration. Our Administrative assistant Sas, did a marvelous job arranging for the color guard, speakers, food, etc for the gala! GREAT JOB!!

The color guard

Senator Marty Margaret Haugen (my boss Martha behind her).

Cutting the Ribbon

The trip back home

Coming home to my new kitten!

When I got home I was exhausted, and found my new kitty sprawled out on my recliner waiting for me to turn on the heating pad! BAH!
Ahhhh, Calgon take me away!