Thursday, September 15, 2005

My "Punkin" is a sick kitty

Punkin didn't eat her treats last night and when I got up this morning she didn't come out to eat. In fact she growled when I tried to get out of bed. I fed Elliott and then picked Punkin up and hugged her. She felt hot and her fur was dull. (Not like her). I had to go to work as this is two very busy days at work! I am planning and putting on a big disaster drill for our facility, and I don't want to make us look stupid or unprepared. We had the meeting with the fire department, police, emergency services, and EMS. The man that is doing all this for me came up from Vancouver Washington and told me he is very, very impressed on how we all work together as a team! He is impressed with Island Transit that we are involved with the community like we are. I guess we are very unique, but we are a close community, and we at Island Transit really CARE about the community. My boss makes sure of that too! I got a break at noon so ran home and noticed Punkin was still sick, so I made and emergency appointment for her and got her in at 2:30. The Vet says she has a 105 degree temperature and is a sick kitty! well that cost me $165.00!! Oh well, she is worth it!
I went into the bedroom to check on her and noticed Elliott laying really close to her. I had to get a picture! I've only had him for two weeks, so this is great!All will be well after I give Punkin a weeks supply of antibiotics! Thank goodness it is liquid!
Well I gotta get to bed and get rest for that drill tomorrow!

If you can smile when things go wrong, you have someone in mind to blame.