Saturday, September 17, 2005

Full moon Saturday!

Moon rising over Penn Cove

Last night on the way to Oak Harbor I had to stop and take this picture of the moon rising over Coupeville reflecting on Penn Cove. I got to my AA meeting for the yearly birthday celebrations for the September folks and left at half time to go make the name badges for the luncheon today.

Punkin is still sick and wants to drink water but won't. I am trying not to make a fool of myself grieving over her, but she is such a sweet kitty that it kills me to see her so lethargic. She slept with me last night, and had a little water then I gave her the antibiotic which she immediately horked up.

I had to get to the luncheon, and on the way I made a deposit and went to the nursing home to get Hannah on the Paratransit bus. Then I got to the luncheon and made sure everyone was doing their duties and at their stations, and proceeded to have a great time! 98 people paid and packed the ballroom!! A record attendance! They came all the way from the Canadian border to Eastern Washington and South Puget Sound! Whew, who'da thunk?? They all congratulated me for the great time, but all I did was mail out the flyers, take the money and delegated the duties and made sure they were done!
I cannot name names except for me and Hannah, but here a two pictures.

Hannah, me and a dear friend

Fun was had by all

I got home and had a message on my phone that I forgot to pick up a friend!! Well SHOOT ME!! Dang, I feel rotten about that! She is an old classmate that just moved here and doesn't drive so I invited her to the shindig. She got up early and showered, fixed her hair and found some neat clothes to wear and sat there waiting for me! She laughed at me when I called her back crying, but I still feel ROTTEN!
She hasn't done much since she moved here, so I told her I was going to show her how much fun life can still be! HAHAHAHAHAHA Yeah, right. Real fun sitting on the couch all dressed up and no where to go! Stood up at 57 by and old classmate! Is this what it has come to? We both laughed and cried at that!!

Well I am going to bed with Punkin and try to get a good nights sleep!
Happy Sunday to all!!

Gentle thoughts for today...
Birds of a feather flock together and crap on your car.