Monday, July 04, 2005

Waiting for the bus.....that never came!

Here we are waiting at the Park & Ride like the paper told us to, waiting for the bus to take us to the beach and watch the 3rd of July Fireworks.
The bus never came so we walked the half mile to the beach. I was so embarrased because I booked the special service for the buses, and they decided not to go to the park & ride because of all the traffic! HHHMMMPPPFF!

Freeland puts on a fantastic old fashioned 4th of July fireworks show on the 3rd of July every year. They get a huge discount for the show because the barge is on the way to Roche Harbor for their 4th of July show and give it to us the day before.
Chatting and waiting!

Here we are all sitting in the grass waiting for the show.

It was upper 70's when we left at 7:00pm tonight, but was in the 50's when the sun went down and the 12 mph wind came up.

The fireworks began!

And what a show it was!!
I had such a full day today. We had another great Church Service and after that I ran home to get ready for 15 people coming over for an impromptu get together BBQ! I had an hours nap then picked up my friends Steve, Sheryl, Carol, Dave, & Cheryl and drove 25 miles South to Freeland for the fire works.
It was so great, we were listening to old fashioned marching music and oooooing and ahhhhhing to the fireworks. It is now 1:30am and I am POOPED!
I have another BBQ (AA friends)to go to tomorrow, then run to my sis's house for another one, then Fireworks again!!
Gosh, I love my life!
Y'all have a SAFE & SANE 4th!

A few great sites to visit! ENJOY!!
"Liberty" - animated Flash ecard by Jacquie Lawson"